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Hurricane Express, Naedok, Kadon
Naedok, kadon enterprises, etc. Drove 8000 miles @ 1.38 per mi. and did not get check or statement from them. Paid 25.00 per day to eat with and use money for scales also. You starve working for them. After not eating for two days i

I have been working for Hurricane Express for about a month and a half now. I just quit after they did not send me a second pay check or statement. They were only giving me 100.00 every four days to eat with and weigh the truck after picking up their loads. I was starving out there. I had not eaten in two days and they wanted me to come into the office. When I went their they had two new drivers just starting with them, they got four pizzas for the new drivers I asked if I could have a slice...
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