Dear Customer Relations,

I am writing this email in regards to my account  # (phone # 714-892-3853)with your company.  I am very disappointed with the quality and the service that you have provided us.  Since May of 2011, I have had problems with your service as well as your customer service.  I was doing research online and found that the package I was paying for was offered at $40.00 dollars less than what I was currently paying.  I then called up your customer service representative (Gina on May 9th, 2011) and the conservation was actually documented.  Your customer service representative promised me a price match and told me that my future bills will be 119.00 after tax (this is after she consulted with a supervisor) and that she had to call me once every month to ask about the service and at that time she will credit the account accordingly so that it will reflect the 119.00.    The credit of around 27.00 was correctly applied on my June bill making the price 119.00 as she stated.  Then in July and since then my bill has gone back to the original price of 159.99.  So I called back and spoke to a supervisor, she stated that there was no such conversation until she found the notes that the representative placed.  There was a credit making the bill 119.00 and the note stated price adjustment but the supervisor said that it wasn't warranted and I will no longer get the discount.  I am quite upset because the person that told me this information and promised me this price is an employee of your company, representing your company.  How can you take back a price promise that was noted in the account and on file.  Just like your company states that we signed a 2 year contract with your service over the phone and I have no recollection of this. 

Besides the point of this incident, the call I made to your supervisor in August resolved in your stating she would send me a bill of the final due amount.  I never got the bill and as I am a practicing physician and quite busy, I didn't pay the bill because I never received the revised bill.  I got no notice that the service was to be cut off and one morning I woke up in Sept. it was cut off.  I then paid my bill prior to 8am that day.  The service was promised to be turned on within 4 hours.  The service was not turned on till 2pm that day and I called 3 times and each time no one was able to help me until the last representative.  She took the time to manually reset the system for me and told me that there was an error with the reactivation and she didn't know why no one addressed it.  She waited on the phone with me until the service was turned back on 6 hours after the fact.  Each of the other times I called the representatives told me that it was turned on and I just had to wait. I had images and cases I had to read and thanks to your service half my day was wasted.  Then to top it off my telephone service was not properly reactivated.  And like before each time I called, your representatives stated that everything should be working until after again another 3rd call regarding the phone service and after the customer service again told me everything should be working that my frustration forced her to double check other sources.  She transferred me to technical support and it took him 1 minute to turn the call waiting, caller id and voicemail back on.  Your technical support person stated that it clearly shows on the computer screen that the service was not turned back on.  So, this whole process that has escalated from May 2011 until September 2011 with me spending countless hours on the phone with multiple people not knowing what the heck is going on with your company and telling false information as well as making false promises.  Is this the company that Verizon stands for?  From what I remember, the reason I joined your service was because of the service and I am quite disappointed!  

You are so quick to charge me money each month and apply charges yet the service and the customer service is greatly diminished.  The only reason we are still with your company after this is because we uphold our contract that we signed with you! Sadly, do you guys uphold your side of the promises?  Is this how you treat your loyal paying customers?  Please review the multiple telephone calls I have made to your company and the multiple hours I have wasted these past 5 months and the notes and documentations that has led to this mess with an employee of yours promising me a quoted monthly price that was suppose to last the end of my contract but then to find it was just a lie to get me off the phone.

Please explain.

To add to the frustration, I am currently again on the phone today October 3, 2011 with a representative named Patty at 12:10pm and again rude service.  I asked for a simple assistance of trying to pay my bill online cause we again are not getting the paper bill to our house! She rudely told me "NO" that I couldn't speak to a supervisor and when I demanded to speak to one she rudely put me hold and told me that it will be over 20 mins.  Finally getting through to a helpful representative (Cameron) I am able to see my bill and again there is a false promise.  A supervisor named Barbara promised me that I will be getting another year of the $20.00 dollars off each month of my service starting September 10, 2011 did not follow through.  I am no longer getting the discount as promised and the excuse is sorry it is no longer available even if we promise you this and documented that we promised you this.  Please review the account and advice as I would like to hear from someone in your corporate office regarding these issues.


Calvin Vong, Dao Tuong and Family

Offender: Verizon
Country: USA   State: All USA

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