We bought a 72" DLP TV (HL-72A650C1) about 4 years ago. We immediately started having problems with it turning itself off and back on. It was intermittent and had no rhyme or reason. We called customer service (it was under warranty for a year) and had them out no fewer than 3 times within the year for the same problem. They replaced the power board at least once, and the lamp and ballast as well, if I remember correctly. In other words, the whole guts of the stupid thing. When we called Samsung the third time we said, "Look, there's obviously a problem with this TV. We want another one; what are you willing to do?" They replied that they didn't make that TV anymore but would give us a credit toward a new one. We agreed. Then they turned around and said, "Wait, give us one more try to fix it." We were very reluctant but agreed to accommodate them. Fast forward 3 years. We've still had the problem during the last 3 years but it is out of control now. Again we called and explained our problem and what we wanted (credit toward a new TV). We were escalated to Executive Customer Relations who basically said 'tough crap.' They are unwilling to either give us a credit toward a new television OR send someone to fix it at their cost. It seems to me a TV valued at $3,000 sure as hell ought to last longer than 4 years. You'd also think that the company willing to offer financial assistance at a third repair would be willing to do so at the fourth! Yeah, apparently not. Nor are they willing to offer us the accommodation we did them. The TV we want is another Samsung valued at about $2,000 but you can rest assured that since Samsung has been wholly and completely unwilling to stand behind their product, we certainly won't be buying another one. And we will be on every site like this one spreading the word. Buyer beware.

Offender: Samsung
Country: USA   State: All USA

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