Charter Communications
Unpaid "contract buyout" - Triple Play Bundle

I originally had service with Dish Network when I received an unrequested telemarketing phone call from Charter communications . The woman on the phone asked if I was interested in switching and I declined, stating that I had a previous contract. She explained that "I was in luck! They were offering to pay off my previous contract up to $200." I told her that I would speak to my husband and return her call. We decided to switch to Charter because their internet service would be faster and cheaper. We had Charter installed and disconnected our previous service. We paid their install fees and their "month in advance" bill. We also paid our early termination fee and the box shipping fees to Dish. We had automatic bank draft and the money was taken out promptly. I then filled out the buyout form with Charter and submitted both of my letters that I received from Dish stating that my early termination fees were being automatically drafted. They responded and said that this was insufficient and would need an "itemized" bill. I called numerous times asking what needed to be itemized any further because the letters clearly stated $105= Early termination, $37= box return fee... The End. I humored them however and made a few phone calls to Dish, they stated that my account had a $0 balance due to having already been paid and they wouldn't be billing me anymore. I then called Charter back and explained this to them, they were very rude and claimed that it was Dish Networks fault. I was very angry and spent hours on the phone trying to figure out why I was 3 months into my services with Charter and hadn't even been approved to be reimbursed. They stated that this was "out of their hands" and that the buyout team was strictly email based and could not even be contacted by phone. I told them that I was so unhappy with the lack of service that I wanted to disconnect strictly out of principle, the response I received was "give them a day and they will turn it all off." I told them that I would need to find other services first and I would be calling back. During this time, I sent multiple emails to the contract buyout email team and stated the same thing... repeatedly. I was finally approved for my check on October 30th, 2013 for $105. However, they stated that they would not be paying the $37 box return fees or the taxes incurred, even though those fees were a direct result of cancelling my service early. I was so disgusted that I never wrote back and decided to take whatever I could get. I waited one week after receiving my approval letter and had DirecTv and AT&T installed in my home. I then called Charter and told them to turn off my services and that I was sick and tired of paying my bill every month ON TIME and being treated so poorly. I waited on my check from Charter and SURPRISINGLY, I never received it. I called back after 6 weeks and asked them where it was, they stated that it had been mailed out to my address and they didn't know why I had not received it but could "escalate" this issue and trace the check to see if it had been cashed and that I would be contacted. I was again, SURPRISINGLY, never contacted. I called back and they said that maybe the service rep that I had spoken to had done it wrong and that he would submit the "correct form." A few weeks later I received an email from the buyout team stating that because I voluntarily disconnected my services that I would not be receiving the check. I had Charter for 5 months and paid my bill in full every single month!! They also had the nerve to send me a final bill for $50! I am absolutely appalled by Charter communications. The "cherry on top" is that during the time Charter was installed in my home, the sound on my play room TV would frequently quit working on 1 or 2 channels. They sent a technician out to fix it and he claimed that he did in about 5 minutes... later that night, it went out again. They sent a supervisor next and a technician, they were baffled by the problem and stated that it could not be fixed and the only solution was to run component cables instead of the HDMI cables. Therefore, that TV would not be HD... they blamed this on my TV. I stated that we had no problems using HDMI cables with Dish Network and they said that maybe my ports had broken since then. I have DirecTV now and the HDMI cables work perfectly on that TV and having HD and sound on ALL channels has never been a problem.

Offender: Charter Communications
Country: USA   State: All USA

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