Go out of business Hollywood business

At least two businesses are fake addresses of Hollywood as a city/town, and Hollywood is just a district in Los Angles which is similar to a neig hbo rhood. The Verizon, water & power employees that turned on these lines put an enormous amount of force on the line. Now the businesses are threatening to call other countries they can't normally without excessive force on the line, they are threatening to call me and make me call them, to establish relationships that don't exist with us. They companies are Paramount Pictures 5555 Melrose Ave Los Angeles Ca,. 90038 323-956-5575 and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce at 7018 Hollywood Blvd Los Angles Ca., 90028,323-468-1370. From my memory on an old phone bill Brooklyn is used as a city/town and it's just a section of New York. This can be called a terrorist attack by the verizon, water, & power employees causing split and fusions through out the cities ripping them apart and segregating people into non existent frames. Here is my work on the terror and crime taking place because of the fake addresses and excessive force of verizon employees.

I reporting the "Hollywood of" Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles Ca, 90028 to be place on a terrorist watch list. They are using a fake address of Hollywood California, Hollywood is just a district in Los Angles which is similar to a neighborhood. They are using an illegal address to the utility companies and making huge splits and fusions throughout Los Angles, one of the largest cities in the world. Them and the businesses they advocate for(it's what a chamber of commerce does) are using a Hollywood California address and ripping apart Los angles and the country. They are threatening to call other countries that they wouldn't normally be able to if the corrupt employees at the phony company hadn't using excessive force on those phone lines. Also Los Angles has a chamber of commerce and they are for cities, states, & countries only, never neighborhoods. The group has "tagged"(when they say a name for no reason) the Los Angles sidewalks with names of unintelligent, insignificant street gang members of Hollywood. They are Julia Roberts, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Robert De neiro, Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Madonna, Robin Williams, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Ben Afflack, Lucille Ball, Milton Burrow, and more.

I reporting leads on businesses/companies which are issuing a illegal press release which is turned into a illegal news release of the companies gross sales(usually just if 1 item over 2 days), however by the time they are a news release the businesses combine their gross sales together then other businesses/companies illegally use those numbers as their own gross sales of that item. I'm reporting laundering money from drugs & crime in to society and other financial crimes. The companies are AMC Enertainment Inc. at 920 Main st Kansas City MO 69105 phone816- 221-4000, Regal Cinemas at 7132 Regal Lane Knoxville TNT 37918 phone 865-922-1123, & united Artist Theaters(owner Tom Cruise) at10250 Connstellation Blvd Los Angeles Ca., 90065 phone 310-449-3000. In the illegal news release of the 3 companies goss sales they are combined together and just called "box office", they have box offices where clusters by tickets to motion pictures. It's AMC, Regal, & United Artist box office. Then companies that are the makers & producers of the motion pictures use AMC, Regal, & United Artist gross sales as their gross sales are Paramount Pictures 5555 Melrose Ave Los Angeles Ca., 90038 phone 323-956-5575, 20th century Fox 10201 w Pico Blvd Los Angles Ca., 310-369-1000 phone 310-369-1000, Universal Pictures 100 Universal city Ca., 91608, & Warner Bros. Pictures One Time Warner Center New York, NY 10019phone 212- 484-8000. The companies issuing a press release of gross sales is legal blinding because it's the businesses private information and they are "too close" to us. The employees are soliciting money by giving us the companies private info because it's so far past the limits of advertising. The are exposing and exploding the companies private parts and it's blinding, the employees are too close to us. They have kindergarten educations and no company exists so the employees are going to Liston to what their told and answer questions from us and law enforcement if they have to do it from a freezer. That's all !their for, no talking ever and no thinking, they aren't intelligent. The companies all also have all the same former employees and they are Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Anglenia Jolie, Brad Pitt, Bruce Sillis, wil Smith, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez, Joe Pesi, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman, galley Berry, Denzel Washington, Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze, Keunu Reeves. Sandra Bullock, Tommy Lee Jone, Harrison Ford, Quenneth Paltrow, Leonardo Decapro, Johnny Dep, Russell Crow, jack Nicolson, Robert Denero, & Robin Williams. They are going to Liston to what they are told and answer questions, that's all their for, no talking ever or thinking, and that will do it from a freezer. They need to stop spending their time lying and do their work.

New York Stock Exchange Inc. (at 11 Wall st New York, NY. 10005) is just 1 business and has to stay concurrent with the other one. They are not aloud to issue press release of their daily numbers, that is the businesses private information and maybe FBI and IRS if audited. They can not tell everyone all those numbers, it's completely irrelevant information and a complete waste of everyone's time. I suspect the fugitive from other countries using fake ID, if I added up the worthlessness of history's time spent on these businesses stock share value that aren't even true we would have enough to put then in a concentration camp, not prison, they have done something too wrong. I think the way a stock market would work is if you invest there is a minimum time limit before you can sell because it's an investment. NYSE is at the wrong speed going way to fast, implying all kinds of crimes, including bogus stock share for businesses that don't even exist, any business can buy a chair at the stock exchange costing about 1/4 million Dillion and all they need is someone to say they can use the state name and give them a business license. I'm sure there is more to a real stock market, the key is to balance all the time, not 1 split second off centered, or you lost, I mean buying and sell stock shares , but they have to be real and the business has to have worth. The NYSE is just 1 business with an owner and shouldn't be hard to put out of business, the press releases have to stop!

Martin Dempsey and Chuck Hagal are employees by the Department of Defense aschairman of joint chiefs and secretary of defense and are heavely involved in human smuggling and dug using navy ships such as a kind called aircraft carriers named George Bush, Ronald Regan, Harry Truman, there are 15 total. They have illegally broadcast worthless private information that's probably all lyes and a cover through cable television stations named the pentagon and military channels. It is illegal for government employees to have television networks and worse communicate with U.S citizens against will creating talking back and forth through our televisions. The are legally blinding us by using the word "military" a word Department of Defense employees are never ever aloud to use. It is a sign they're threatening violence, there's different kinds and they all have names. Dempsey and Hagal have threatened very illegal kinds of violence for no reason. I will not use the word "black" because the color is excessive force and also legally blinding so I will use niger. They are hiding their nationalities on purpose, they have been human smuggled in, they don't know how to read or write and will never be able to learn, they are not intelligent. Everyone in this world is required to have a nationality at all times. They tell lye after lye like we were already here, or your ancestors committed a crime. No employee of Department of state can make a law to make them U.S. Citizens, they employee is lying, it's not one and they're saying that any any sentence they want is a law when it falls no where close to they definition of a law. They are the 5th world and not aloud in the 3rd wold's surroundings or the 1st, they have to force against will in to our surroundings. It's likely that some one and social security and DMV gave them identification but it's fake. With the crimes Demsey and Hagal are committing their place of employment may not be an address of the department of
defense or government, and simply a fake place!
of employment to Human smuggle and I suspect also drug smuggle. Forcing them against will in to our surroundings weakens us and I don't understand why they are legally blinding us with private information of the place of employment. Plus they are also using a 5 year I olds vocabulary with pentagon and military general words.
I am reporting a lead on BET, inc.(Black Entertainment Channel) at 1540 Broadway 27th floor New York, NY. 10036. They are talking at a very fast speed and calling it "rap" when sing is the limits to music. They are talking with their arms and threatening to lung, they have to keep their arms at sides at all times and stand and/or sit still. They are hiding their nationalities when everyone in this world is required at nationality at all times. They were are human smuggled in, no employee made a law to make nigers U.S. Citizens. They're the 5th world, and we're the 1st. If they don't stop with freak movement they going to be put in dog cages, then locked in freezers. But they're going to listen to what they're told and answers questions from us and law enforcement. Clothes, make up, and jewelry do not match them. They have to stay in their tint, brightness, & sharpness. We're aloud 1 color scheme only, 2 or more is blinding and we can not see them, us they look like clowns.
It's all indecent material and the network should be shut down. I would like then to explain their where abouts groom today back over the past 3 decades, because they weren't in our pasts and there was no BET. No employee made a law to make nigers U.S. Citizens so I would like to report coir upturn with speaker of House of Representatives, John Boehner and think they all should be put on a terrorists watch list. They won't listen to what they are told and answer questions. They can't beg their way in a country, it's not what countries are. They don't know the word and it's not what laws are for. They never learned to read and write. They will never know us or the 1st world. Or even the 3rd, they are not an intelligent race and we are eliminating it. Why else would the 5th world be in the 1st. They have a disease or plague which is why their hair is dead and gross. It will never live and neither will they. The Oprah Winfrey network is the same thing, she looks like a clown,
is talking right to us which is illegal. They have to be doing something and we are just watching t.v.. Talking to us us terror and she should be put on a terrorists watch list just for that.

I am reporting employees of television studio news programs to be added to the terrorist watch list. Their clothes, make-up, & jewelry must be their tint, brightness, & sharpness of color, only 1 color scheme, 2 or more is legally blinding. Some are 8 to 10 different scheme's at the same time completely hiding their physical appearance on television so we do not know what they look like. Their sets for the news are also 8 to 15 color schemes basically somehow destroying our vision, it's safisticated periiphial vision and that much work for 30 minutes straight puts a horrific strain on our tired eyes and makes us very tired also, they're not supposed to do that much work. The employees won't sit still, and movements are very stiff and hard(not a human or living thing) or soft and bouncy. Movements are supposed to be very orderly, they all have names. The employees are making movements they can make in the 60 degree to 120 degree limits and that would have to brake foundation bones to brake out of the limits. Our skeletal system is indirect and raping or sodomizing them self to brake bones would shift, slant, or lean all bones and frame. They are probably helping each other. They are sticking their necks out and looking at our eyes, which is way too close, they do not know us and can not do that, it's for long periods of time and tires our eyes out, plus we are not looking at how wide they're opening their mouths or what they're are saying which other body parts because they have us in eye holds. Their literally too close also, we can use the time plus distance equals speed equation or whatever and measurement units for distance are millimeters, centimeters, inches, feet, yards, miles, light years, & astronomic units and they all have to balance. A terrorist is not aloud to be 1 millimeter too close to us or we will attack, they will get paralyzed be the unbalanced weight of the movement they make and by us. We don't care if they have broken bones they're are going to stand and sit still, plus neither do they, they're going to paralyze them self and stay still. Times measurements are seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, decades, centuries, & millennium, which the terrorists are also unbalancing. Their voices are too hard, not human are a living things voices, a machines so they might be wearing a voice box, and there are more terrorists behind them. All these things mean they are threatening a number of things, and I don't know what they are, but consisting they are legally bling us the businesses/companies could be laundering money from drugs and crime in to society, and/or they could be drug trafficking, or worse using chemical weapons on the country and world. Learning how to broke their bones means they also learn how to balance weight wrong and I think they are applying that knowledge to chemical equations. There is more about their camera usage but I am too tired to do that work still. The businesses and their employees are American broadcasting company(ABC) Rob Jennings, Cecily Tinnen, Ducus Rogers, Rick Williams, Jim Gardner, at 4100 city ave. in Phila., PA 19131, CBS, Kate Bilo, Jim Donavan, Ukee Washington, Chris May, Stephanie Stahi,Beasley Reece. at 1555 Hamilton st. in Phila., Pa.19130, National Broadcasting Company(NBC) at10 Monument rd. Bala Cynwyd, PA. 19004, Chris Cato, Glen Schwartz, Renee Fattah. The businesses and their employees are American broadcasting company(ABC), Diane Sawyer, 47 w. 66th streetrm 303 New York, NY 10023., National broadcasting company, Brian Williams, 30 Rockefeller plaza rm 1802, New York, NY 10012. CBS, Scott Pelly 51 w. 52nd street New York, NY 10019, & Cable news network(CNN) Anderson Cooper, 1 time warner center New York, NY 10019.
I am reporting a non-profit organization that's suspicious about their name. The phone listing is under a fake name, but they are the catholic religion at 222 n. 17th street Philadelphia, Pa. 19103. Phone 215-587-4507, it's only listed as archdiocese of Philadelphia which is not the name of the non- profit organization. They are paying their employees below minimum wage and we aren't looking if they aren't working but I suspect they're making drugs on their properties, cocaine, heroine, etc. They are extremely suspicious with turning facts into beliefs about God, Devil, Heaven & Hell. Of coarse they're real and factual, and I'll explain with our three-dimensional language to restore the facts they have near destroyed. Our language is intelligent and all words in it are 3 dimensional also including Heaven, Hell, Devil, & God. It has perfect balance of three dimensions, therefore is centered, and so do we! Everything balances and everyone is always brought to justice. The employees have also suspiciously exploded the high test IQ's private information, which is name and birthday of his children(Jesus). They next think it's a good thing to celebrate someone's birthday as their holiday(Christmas), I think they are going to burn in hell for it, they would never know the very private information and it's not their holiday. I think they're nothing but drug dealers and smugglers talking trash, maybe human smuggling too. Their uniforms are ridiculous, clothes & jewelry have to be their tint, brightness, & sharpness of color, so it's 1 color scheme, 2 or more is legally blinding. I would also like to point out the possible corruption with Department of State employees because they have made such a ridiculous thing as Christmas a federal holiday. It's not one, they are lying.
The first world

Offender: HBO
Country: USA   State: All USA

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