failed service - GEN 400 business services

Any chance I can get help to get out of the Hughesnet contract at a vastly reduced cost?

The service doesn't work, and they can't fix it. Speeds are slow, sure, but what I am referring to is failure to connect. I can't reach most websites...the request times out. This is any day, any night and not dependent on the weather.

The "speed tests" also show 10% of advertised speeds, but the tests themselves take 15 minutes to complete. if they do complete at all, the tests show speeds of 600k to 1.2MB.

I've been on phone w/ tech support many times...

I also can't get a copy of my bill. when I attempt to log in, the site says this account is not available online. So I have to manually request the bill be sent to me in pdf....but 50% of the time they never send it and don't open a ticket so no record I even requested.

I work from home, and this internet service failure is costing me money.

I have to drive to a Starbucks to work!



Offender: Hughesnet
Country: USA   State: All USA

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