So far so horrible - destruction done to my home

I was moving into a new place on 11/1/13 and decided to reach different cable providers (Currently had Uverse). I was already aware that DirecTV has the best quality and then I also saw they offer the new Genie home DVR system, which per their website ( that the Genie Mini's only need power and HDMI hooked up, no Coax, which was great since my living room TV is not near any cable drop. I would put the main DVR server upstairs where there is a COAX already and have the Genie Mini in the living room. This also benefits my landlord so no holes get drilled next to the wall in the living room.

On 10/14/13, I called DirecTV to schedule a new installation at my new place, which I'm moving to on 11/1/13. They easily scheduled an installation time for 11/1/13 between 12-4. Awesome!
Also, being home during the work week is no easy task as I travel for a living but I had scheduled to make sure I was home based specifically for this install and this move.

Before that time, I looked and looked online and double confirmed that this Genie Mini does not need a Coax and instead uses a wireless video bridge.

A couple days before the installation, I get an automated call to confirm my installation appointment. It asked me if I wanted to change it and I thought to myself I'm off today and tomorrow, lets see if they can show up a day earlier so it can be ready before we move. This is what it said. "the next available time is Thursday 11/7/13 between 8-12. Do you want to change to this time? and obviously I said "NO". It replied "Ok, you're new installation is now on 11/7/13 between 8-12. Didnt even ask to confirm! It must have been 30 seconds after when I spoke to someone from DTV and they reiterated thats the soonest appointment however, they will submit an expedited request to move it back to 11/1/13 between 12-4. The next day I even went onto the website and it still showed me my existing appointment time.

Well, moving day came, but DirecTV didnt. I spoke to DirecTV and they advised that the expedited request never went through for some reason and the next time they can be out is 11/7/13 between 8-12. Well, that day is here and I'm on the opposite side of the country. Fortunately my partner was willing to take a day off from work to be at the house just for this.

The installation guy arrived today around 8:30am. I gave my partner specific instruction on where the equipment goes and how to integrate it. Also per my landlord, If we cannot splice off of someone elses Dish, it must be on the East side wall, not viewable from the street. My partner called and told me the installation guy could barely speak english and he couldnt understand that he cannot install the dish on the south wall, only the East Wall. Partner even pointed out which wall he could/couldnt install it on and he was still confused. The installation guy was there for over 5 hours and still nothing was hooked up. His supervisor actually showed up to apologize to my partner about the length of time its taking. When my partner debriefed me, he told me they had to drill a hole into the antique hardwood floor in the living room to run this Genie Mini, The box that is advertised to not need a COAX connection. The supervisor is aware that DirecTV is advertising this but its just not available in his market. (I usually see an asterisk next to those statements online * "only available in certain markets". Didnt see any)

To sum up what happened here: DirecTV dropped the ball with the installation appointment, my partner lost an entire day of work and we have a 3/8 hole in the original floors of this beautiful early 20th century home which now I need to financially worry about when I move out just because DirecTV is advertising the wrong receiver.

The most DirecTV offered me when they messed up on the installation time was 2 free PayPerView movies. I couldnt help but laugh.

At this point, I have no motivation to stay and since i'm a previous Uverse customer, I know for a fact that their secondary receivers are wireless.

Offender: DIRECTV
Country: USA   State: All USA

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