Directv Programming Packages - Pricing on 150 Channels

Directv %u2019s salespeople are not telling potential customers the real cost of their monthly programming package. When you do find out, it is too late, and you are stuck in a two year contract that you cannot get out of without a heavy penalty and possibly cannot afford. I have detailed the exact monthly cost of my current 150 channels that is listed at $61.99 on Directv%u2019s website.

The Directv salesperson should ask the customer what their tv needs are, tell the customer there is a $6.00 monthly fee on each tv used in the plan, advise them of the $25.00 monthly rental fee on the box. Tell them there will be a fee to replace their remote if it quits working and how much that fee will be. Very important to advise the customer before signing the contract that a $10.00 monthly fee will be added to their plan if they do not choose Auto Bill Pay. Currently, the customer does not have any of this pertinent information before they sign a two year contract.

This is my personal programming package and its monthly cost.

$61.99 for package (my personal package 150 channels)
$25.00 monthly rental for box
$18.00 monthly for three tvs ($6.00 per tv)
$ 7.99 monthly protection plan (free remote if it breaks)
$10.00 monthly fee to avoid Auto Bill Pay.

I will not give Directv permission to freely use my credit card as they wish. I submit an individual payment each month online and I am penalized $10.00 a month making a payment in that manner. Directv also states that you can use your checking account to make online payments. That is also not true. They will only accept debit or credit cards. They are committing fraud on over 30 million customers. I have been told that when my current contract expires in August 2013 my monthly bill will be $108.98, but my calculations show that the actual monthly bill will be $122.98. Obviously, they plan on advising me of that increase after I have committed to two more years with their company. The laws need to be changed on how satellite tv providers sell their product to new customers.

Offender: DIRECTV
Country: USA   State: All USA

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