Horrible Company All Around

I had Hughesnet for 5 years and in that 5 years I had the worst service. The only reason they were the provider at my house was because where I live could only get hughesnet but now I have new and better options. The company over charges for service that moves slower than dial-up. The customer service reps don't help but rather make the situation ten times worse. They charge your account without letting you know that they are and for no reason. I am very disappointed in a company that says its faster, cheaper, and better than most satellite companies. I was recently charged for not sending the equipment back after cancelling because it hit the 45 day grace period, but the box to ship all the equipment didn't come in until 3 days ago. the 45 day grace period to return equipment ended on October 17th and three days ago was October 28th. I don't know about everyone else but that seems wrong and like a way to charge people more money. To top everything off when I called to let Hughesnet know I still didn't receive the shipping box on time they basically said I did and that it was my fault. So then when I called to ask why they charged me over $300 for equipment that has been mailed back they said because you missed the grace period and that I won't be getting my money back for the charge. Well when I ask to speak to a manager the girl said there is no one here that I could speak to and that it wouldn't matter. I am fed up with why this company has horrible customer service and horrible service.

Offender: Hughesnet
Country: USA   State: All USA

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