internet service and employee service - horrible

August 7, 2013
Mr. Pradman Kaul
Hughes Communications, CEO
PO Box 96874
Chicago, IL 60693-6874

RE: Cancellation of Hughes net services - A/C # SME18780

Dear Mr. Kaul:

My name is Jose Mendoza, President of Eco Pet Products, Inc. Back in April, 2013, I moved to Escondido, CA. I tried to get internet services from the local providers, to no avail. The choice was between your company and another.

I decided to go with HughesNet , and I have to confess, this is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in choosing a provider. Since inception, I have had nothing but problems with your company. First was the installation, which was a total and complete mess, required me to loose workdays trying to resolve the problems caused.

Once installed, the internet speed was incredibly slow. I called to find out why the internet reception was so slow and the tech support representative said, %u201CLet me check the cloud coverage in your area as this causes the system to become slow%u201D. Did I misdial and inadvertently call Sesame Street for technical support?

The service continued to be extremely slow, even my old dial-up was faster. I spent over an hour of time trying to get this resolved. I spoke to a manager for over an hour and he upgraded me to Gen4 at the same cost that I was originally charged. You obviously have access to my records.

He stated that Hughes would respect this price for a year and that I would be able to obtain the same price after a year lapsed or for a two year period.

OK%u2026here is where the decision to terminate services begins. On my next billing cycle, I was charged for two months. I spent 50 minutes trying to explain to the Hughes representative that I spent over an hour, a month ago, speaking to a supervisor and that he had changed my plan but honored the original pricing. I asked that the overage be returned to my account. He stated that he would but never did.

The next cycle I am charged for the difference between my original plan rate and the upgrade that the supervisor had given me not to cancel this service. Again, I spent over 50 minutes of my workday trying to explain to the Hughes representative that this was incorrect.

Not being able to resolve this simple issue, I was told by the representative that I could not speak to a manager, but that one would get back to me within TWO DAYS.!!! Are the problems with HughesNet internet so great that the resolution group is backed up by two days???

I waited four days and when I did NOT receive a call back, I cancelled my debit card so that your company would not be able to continue mischarging my account month after month. All of the representatives that I spoke with at HughesNet are at best incompetent, lacking communication skills and uneducated %u2013 including the supervisor that I spoke with.

Given the incredible negative experience that I have had to endure with your company and the inordinate amount of time that I have had to waste to correct simple over charges, I request that my service be terminated, the contract cancelled and no additional charges be recorded to my company. Remove the dish from my roof without causing damage to my home.

Your service is deplorable and the support staff incredibly inept. If you decide that it is in your best interest to charge my company cancellation fees, which I will not pay, then know that I will remit this letter to the Better Business Bureau, the FCC and on Yelp and any other site that will help someone else avoid the life draining experience that I had with HughesNet.

Again, please cancel my contract and abate any fees that your company has generated on this account.


Jose Mendoza
Eco Pet Products, Inc.
Faxed to 301-428-1656
Case# 37406342 %u2013 issued by last rep. spoken to.

Offender: Hughesnet
Country: USA   State: All USA

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