Billing, unauthorized bank withdrawals and contract extensions - Direct TV

I want to say I never had a bad thing I say about direct tv till now. I had there services back in 2000-7 then moved to utah when it all went to crap. To start with the problem with my bill never being straight also I refered 2 people to the company and still they treat me like just a mother dollar sign. I contracted with direct tv and my bill for the first year should of been 18.75 with all my discounts also they said I would get free show time for 3 months as a trial, I advised them I did not want it. Anyway my very first bill was 80 something dollars !! When I called in to question this I got a whole other story. And the reps are programmed to blame you and tell you your contract and why you signed up for like your a qlueless dumb customer. I mean the level of disrespect that some of these reps have is unbelievable! So they said my bill was 80 and that's what it was going to be long story short I have never paid a contracted price like I was told all the discounts they have gave me where lies! Also I'm not on here telling lies just check my bill and my account and you can see how (F'ed) up it really is!! Te second year was te worst! They took a customer that loved te service to hate the service! Not only did I spend countless hours wasted on the phone over the years, they have never took the inishitive to say they are sorry , and of course why would they care they are a multi billion dollar company. So to try to shorten it some more , I get to the last few months on my account. My mother advised me she wanted TV service and I was about to say go with dish or cable , what did I do? My dumb ass calls direct tv and sees how I can refer my mother cause she wanted to keep up with Spanish and see the Spanish channels. So I called direct tv and spoke with the rep he advised me that If I changed the service that it would not extended my contract so I called bs I said I want to speak with your supervisor and come to find out the supervisor also confirmed the same thing Mr. Luciano you will not have your contact extended nor will there be cancellation fees your contact ends so the rep said do you want to shut off the tv services now or wait till This novermber 2013. I said shut them off and sen the last 2 bills via paper to the address stated with my address. The rep supervisor said ok your all set gives me a confirmation number and I think things are finally good!! Hell no I get an unauthorized payment withdrawn from my personal bank checking account for the amount of $104.16 !!! Now wait it get way better. Not only do they pull my money from my account they also say they have current amount due of $68 !! How the hell do you figure if there is only 2 months left to my contract and my normal bill is around $40 that you would take "unauthorized" 104.16 then tell me I still owe another $68?? Even if I paid both months In advanced !! That still doesn't add up!! Oh but here's the real kicker , out of the blue they said I had a early termination contract ! So that was another fucking fee! Another 9 months they say! If you think I'm out rage well he'll put my shoes on and take the walk ! Even if they said sorry will give you free service for life or 2 years or anything I would tell them no thanks keep the tip cause you don't do busniess like that! And if they have this recorded they can go back and fire some of the dumb people they hired! This is a company where the left hand doesn't know te the right hand is doing. #1 in service ?? Please, spare your self at least be honest and say 75-80 percent approval ratings, tell is like it is, instead of sugar coating it!

Offender: DIRECTV
Country: USA   State: All USA

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