If you broke it fix it

I have dealt with some share of bad service but this really tops it off- I never write reviews and am not one to usually want to write a review regardless if its good or bad but my last experience with Comcast was so bad I had to come find some site that write a review about Comcast and its service.

Recently my husband wanted to add RedZone to our TV service and decided to get Comcast service again in our home (after switching over from them to Direct because Comcast prices are ridiculous) Due to our bad experience we agreed to get one TV hooked back up on Comcast while the others ran through Direct TV still. When the Comcast guy came out he was clearly told by my husband that we wish to only contact one TV to Comcast while we will continue to keep our other TVs running on Direct, he understood and proceeded to get us connected.

After he left, later that evening when we went to go turn on the TV in our bedroom sure enough our Direct TV wasnt working. No signal and this was the same for the other room that was suppose to be left alone. The only TV that works currently is the one TV we get Comcast cable through. Being that we are not much of a TV family we werent in a rush to get it fixed and once we had the moment to call Comcast to have them send someone to fix the problem they started they told us there was nothing they could do about it becuase we had such a low package with them.

I do not care if I have the lowest package through you, if you caused the problem you fix it. That is customer service! We are paying for a bill for Direct TV and not able to enjoy the service all because Comcast disconnected our connection.

We have now gone 2 months without Direct TV but have been paying for our fees which is by the way only $14 a month! So all I really wanted was for Comcast to come out and fix the problem and/or reimburse us for either the cost of what it would be to have someone from Direct come out to fix the problem or to reimburse us for the two months we have been paying Direct TV for service we are not able to get because of their mistake.

I was put on hold over and over again, then transferred to someone who had no authority or just kept telling me that there was nothing they can do. It went around circles and I think I was on the phone with them for nearly an hour to get no where.

Offender: Comcast
Country: USA   State: All USA

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