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Direct TV - Breach of Contract - Terrible Service - WHY does anyone put up with it?

I am pleased to be rid of Direct TV . This company will not be around much longer ... technology is changing ... and people simply will no longer support two year contracts that are one sided: we pay, and hope they provide service on the account. There is simply no accountability for the customer service personnel. Yes, the phones are "monitored", but do they really have time to review phone calls? No. And employees know this .. and I've worked with some great employees - don't get me wrong. I just feel that large companies, once they have you in contract, truly have all the power and we, the consumer, are in a "begging" position with them constantly. No, this model will not last. The consumer is getting smarter .. more choices are becoming available. Yes, Hulu plus totally sucks ... but, its a start .. and soon there will be service available that allows me to watch the programming I want ... not the 489 channels I don't watch ... and I wont have to pay a car payment a month for the service, or be in a two year contract. Come on people .. demand more! Service provider ... please ... that's not what Direct TV does .. I'm not going to be mean here - I've had extremely negative experiences, and I won't bore you. Direct TV didn't want to hear them ... managers and supervisors thought my concerns as a consumer were irrelevant. Well, in time, consumers given better alternatives will certainly opt for anything other than Direct TV. I'm so happy to have them out of my life ... and would advise anyone considering a contract with them to please reconsider ... and take your business elsewhere. If I could have sued them for breach of contract, I'd have done it ... because while I always paid and kept my end of our agreement, from my perspective, their end of the agreement was an abysmal failure, and they couldn't have cared less.

Offender: direct tv
Country: USA   State: All USA

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