Time Warner Cable
Bullied Invoicing Method

I received a Collection Alert Note from TWC this week.

Let me express how annoying this episode with TWC is:

I have called their phone representatives many times and endured them either expressing: “there is nothing we can do” or simply they hung up?! I have send e-mails and been to this day open for communications: (I'm super friendly and never rude, but to the point...)

When I returned from the AIDS Life Cycle bike ride on Saturday June 11th , A “Josh” representative for Time Warner Cable stood affront of my door expressing he was here to turn off my service. When I explained that I am in discussion with TWC and had requested several times an amendment of my account, he promised to “look into the matter” and left me a phone number. A week later I was informed that I “owed” TWC equipment that I am witholding...

The strong accusational approach is shocking and non-responsive. I have NEVER indicated, nor intended to terminate my service with TWC; But I do realize they are banking on the fact that a single person cannot fight for his rights against a large corporation. I have discovered however that indeed TWC has terminated my service possibly over an amount of $22 that only was discovered AFTER complicated phone calls and confusing accounting responses from TWC service reps – a result of incorrect invoicing; I had requested them to solve BEFORE I made any further payment.

Now I am explained that I have to re-sign with TWC company before I could receive service and the choices are limited to say "no"... Amongst the “hang-ups” – very unpleasant employees in dire need of training!

To now threaten me with ruining my credit is attacking the very voice that requested a fair statement firsthand, as I have been available for communication but ignored.

ITime Warner Cable seemingly feels like bullying me into paying an invoice that is still incorrect and to this day has not been amended.. Horrible!@

Offender: Time Warner Cable
Country: USA   State: All USA

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