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Dish Network has set me on fire today

Dish Network has set me on fire today. I canceled my service after two and half years, because Direct TV offered me an incredible discount. I fulfilled my two year contract. I am more than willing to give their equipment back; however, I refuse to pay $15 per box. I do not see how it is my responsibility to pay for this shipping cost. I contacted Dish and was switched around to four people and finally got a hold of the executive branch and he informed me that it was their policy and that I signed a contract stating that. I said show me a copy of my signature with that statement; I informed him that I had the original contract in hand. The only agreement I signed was if I was in fault of my two year contract then I would be responsible for shipping. I fulfilled my contract. It also said that it is my responsibility to return the equipment in good condition within 30 days of cancelation. He laughed and said, "exactly, we don’t state what you will have to do, we simply state it is your responsibility to return the equipment." I said, "I am more than willing to drop it off at the nearest Dish location. He said they will not accept it and I will be charged for the equipment. I said fine I will have all the boxes pulled together; I will even climb a ladder to get your part off the satellite and they will be sitting on my front porch, come and get it, my responsiblity is fulfilled, you know where the boxes are. It is on my front porch and it is now trespassing on my property. He hung up on me.

I think this should be illegal, if it is not already illegal. I never signed any documents stating that I would agree to this charge. Dish Network made a lot of money from me, and to do this to me is so sorry. This is making a lot of people very angry. I could understand if I didn't fulfill my contact, but I did. I could have switched months prior to save money, but I didn't, because I wanted to fulfill my agreement with Dish. How sorry of a company to try to nickel and dime you once you cancel. And the worst of it is, that every two years Direct TV and Dish network send me something to make me want to switch, Its a game for them and I play the game. I more than likely would have switched back to Dish once I was done with my agreement with Direct TV; because the initial yearly cost is worth it. But this has made me so angry that I will not switch back to Dish. I switched from Direct TV to Dish over 2 year ago, (really because Bellsouth did and I followed) and they never charged me this fee.

Offender: Dish Network
Country: USA   State: All USA

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