Dish Network
Rate Increases

I signed up for the dish network package for 24.99 for a two year committment (1 year for service and 1 year for signing up for auto pay by credit card). After 6 months of services, the company increased the price to 29.99 at the 7th month and then 35.99 at the 8th month without notifying me. Because of the e-delivery statements I didn't notice the increases. So, I called the dish network and talked to 2 representatives and 1 supervisor. I spent an hour on the phone and still did not get the issue resolved. Their explanation is their provider increased their costs, but why did affect me? I signed the commitment for 24 months and expected paying the same rate. I should not even have to pay a penny more because this was a commitment and the increase is not my problem. Then they asked me to check my contract and read it again saying they can increase the rate anytime they want. This is a really dishonest business practice. So, they asked me to prove there is a committment for the 24.99 rate by looking through all my e-mails Luckily, I found a confirmation e-mail from the time I originally ordered. After that, I e-mailed them but they didn't even call back. So, I called back again to speak to a second supervisor, who just repeated the same things said before. i won't give up to get my promise back. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the District Attoney. I want people to know just how angry I am.

Offender: Dish Network
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania

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