Direct TV
They have stolen my money

In January of 2007 I called to cancel my DirecTV account because I was moving. Instead the man I spoke with talked me into suspending the account until I found a place to live that allowed DirecTV knowing that I wasn't sure when that would be. Suddenly in July of 2007 my bank card was charged $290 from DirecTV. When I called to find out what was going on I was told that I was delinquent on my bill that didn't exist. I was told that there was no supervisor that I could speak with and that I would get a call within 7 days to remedy the situation. After 5 months of no phone call I decided to call again and see where my money was. Again being told that I couldn't speak with a supervisor and again that I would receive a phone call within 7 days about my money. Another 4 months has passed and this time when I called a supervisor was finally available after I was transferred 3 different times over about a 45 minute period. This supervisor told me that the financing department decided that the billing was valid and that they don't call people to let them know what their decision is one way or the other. This time I have been given a P.O. Box address that I am now supposed to mail off a letter to the corporate office that apparently doesn't have a real address. I'm being told that I will then be contacted by letter within 14 to 21 business days, but after my experience with the supposed phone calls 7 days later I assume this is just another way of getting me to go away and hopefully give up on my money that was stolen from me. I believe my next move is to call the police as well as a lawyer.

Offender: Direct TV
Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Greenwood Village

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