Worldwide Travel Center
Sells travel certificates that are worthless try to actually USE them and find they've cleverly worded their Terms and conditions so it's always a catch 22 ripoff business from hell

These folks are pretty slick - they look really impressive, and know all the right things to say and do - but DON'T be fooled.

I've checked with the Florda State Corporation commission, and these guys have got 30 complaits on file. But they are so very clever with their TERM and CONDITIONS (printed in very small print on the back of the coupons). No matter what you try to do - you are just screwed. They look like the real McCoy - with slick advertising brocures. BUT the catch is you've got to jump through all sort of hoops for your 'bargain dream vaction' - and they is ALWAYS one more hoop (or special fee!!$$$ ) that you've got to send them to finally get your reservation.

And in the end - they will point to one of their TERMS, which get them off the hook - with your money. One the stupid term that they have is - you've got to pick a date for your travel EXACTLY between 90 and 120 days prior to your travel (no sooner, no later) - and THEN you've got to pick three places off of their phony list - that you are willing to accept (ON THE SAME DAY!!) How stupid is this, so you never know where you'll go - 'cause they supposely will only let you know at the last minute - forget it - it's all a big come on.

IT's amazing that these folks have been pulling down this same scam for about nine years. And the authorities have not been able to shut 'em down, because they know all the right things to say and do to keep them out of court _ They just point to their TERM and CONDITIONS, and say -"See these stupid customers can't read and they didn't comply with our stated terms."

The Owner of this rip off outfit is a Michael Friedburg, (President and CEO)is really slick too.... actually greasy!!

Offender: Worldwide Travel Center
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Deerfield Beach
Address: 160 S.W 12th Avenue, Suit 102
Phone: 9545717990

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