Fulfillment International
Ripoff Michigan

I also fell for the phone call claiming I had won a great holiday and ubfortunately fell for it hook line and sinker.

I had a phone call one evening last September and got a little overwhelmed. Stupidly I gave my details including my credit card details. As soon as the call was over I got concerned and decided I'd done something stupid so I contacted my credit card company to stop the transaction and the money had already gone from my account.

I waited for delivery of the 'free' gifts and had had found out how much I would be looking at spending on this great holiday, and it no longer looked so great.
When the stuff arrived I checked it out and there was information on cancelling the deal. Immediately I was on it and returned the stuff.

I have e-mailed them a number of times and have received very pleasant responses finishing with have a nice day, but I have as yet still not received a full refund, although in March I did get a partial refund.

I am aware that what I did was stupid and have been informed by them that they are awaiting refunds from the hotels involved, and apparently I was informed on the phone call that the money was non refundable. However I do not remember them telling me that and there was no mention of it with the cancellation instructions which arrived with th free gifts.

My advice to anyone considering taking them up on their offer is if you're going to make a stupid mistake make it a cheap one.

United Kingdom

Offender: Fulfillment International
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: www.fulfillmentinternational.net

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