A Company called DealPass E-mailed me about a 60 day trial to see if we were interested in using their discounted Travel rates for all types of things as Hotels, Rental cars, Theme parks, etc.
We travel in large groups because we have two reunions a year.

I knew that It would not take me 60 days to decide if it was worth it, so for the first time ever, I agreed to a 60 day trial.

At the end of the trial, If you wanted to be a member, they would charge you a flat fee annually.
This was told after I had agreed to their trial.
I cancelled my membership within 30 days, and never thought anything else about it.

When I noticed 8 (eight) checks had bounced, I started to look into my account.
There was a charge for 139.95 on 2/25/03 with the name mwi*valuemax 1-888-205-2257.

We called the number and could not get a straight answer other than they said I had been sent information during my trial period with DealPass and it stated that I would be charged after the 30 day trial period.
I had the bank reverse the 139.95, but the company would not take the 8 NSF fee's off.

I have a written copy of the letter stating it was a 60 day trial and signed by the head manager.
valumax is affiliated with Dealpass and this is how they rip people off. This has caused a hardship on us and we have not been able to keep a credit balance since this incident.

We are fixing to lose our checking account and now are about to lose our privledges to write checks.
I e-mailed the manager and he did treated me like a piece of dog dirty and said that they were not responsible and kept insisting that I had received something from valumax and I was lying.

My husband called and is a SGT with the police department. It did not phase him.
I am taking all my information to my Bank today to see what can be done. These people do not care who they hurt or whose lifes they ruin. they are only concerned about their money. Please file any complaints you have with these people.

BETHANY, Oklahoma

Country: USA   State: Connecticut
Phone: 8882052257

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