Over charge, unlisted charge, bad customer service

When I found it charged my credit card more than it should be after my clicked button to make reservation. I called the central reservation center immediately.

But the guy who talked to me was Very nasty. First he said that the difference of this website charged is because there is a charge for reservation of cancellation policy. And he said there was a choice that I could choose purchase this policy or not before I summit the reservation. I told him there was NO such a choice he didn't admit. Until I went back to the website again and went through all the reservation process and showed him there was NO choice.

Then he changed, saying the only choice I have is to purchase this cancellation policy. But there is a small letter line of reading that told about this policy. I did read those small letter lines and saw it mentioned cancellation policy, but it did not clearly mention it will charge money and user is mandated to have this policy.

Besides, if you charge people money on certain item, why don't you charge it OPENLY, list the charge item Clearly on web site? why your website do not have a page that allow user review all the charge and click Confirmation or Cancel before charging? This website is wrong, not following regular website transaction rules.

The Worst thing happened to me was that representative, after all he has said/argued/denied, which turned out to be false and WRONG information, he denied everything that your website should have responsibilities for what had happened. And then he went on and on blaming on me have to be fully responsible for it, either accept the charge or accept 20% taken off upon cancelling the reservation. Even I told him to stop, he still kept repeatedly saying this with his nasty voice and disgusting personality.

Country: USA   State: Florida

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