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Two presentations Two FREE gifts

After reading bunch of reviews about nice people at Casablanca I found no story sounded funnier than mine. And what is that story about sir? Oh my story is about how Casablanca people tried their best to make their customers happy offered us an incredible dial. Can you please be more specific sir? Ok please be seated. We went for Casablanca presentation twice in 3 months of approximately 4 hours long total. Why twice? Well because we could not redeem our first FREE GIFT. After some ordeals with booking our trip we were told straight forward that trip to Mexico will not be possible because it depends on market availability, inventory or something like this. Although we tried to book our trip five or six months ahead. But Casablanca was very nice to us and couple months later gave us a second chance and a second FREE GIFT if we attend another presentation of course. This time we changed our vacation appetite and picked up Lass Vegas. The Casablanca rep confirmed that this dial looks more realistic. To make a long story short Casablanca rep told us that we can pick any flight we want any days and any nights we want but we’ll have to buy our own flight tickets, no this was not a joke and this is on top what we have already paid Casablanca $195. It is a SCAM and so far some how they managed to get away with it. I am 100% sure I am going get my money back I know what to do.

We are average family we buy from internet at list ones a month, travel twice a year and so on but this will be my FIRST review with ONE star. So Casablanca is not like every other company that they pretended to be.

Offender: time share
Country: USA   State: California   City: Woodland Hills

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