SnoCountry Snow Reports
SnoCountry Snow Reports are FAKE. GARBAGE -no- Truth

SnoCountry Snow Reports Review

SnoCountry Snow Reports are FAKE. GARBAGE -no- Truth.
I just learned Snocountry Ski Reports is a paid PR firm in NH
owned and operated by ski resort members. is the website name for NESAC a/k/a
New England Ski Area Corp - owned by NE Ski Resort Members.

SnoCountry reported: Hunter Mtn had Great Skiing top to bottom
This snow report was 100% Fabricated Junk & Untrust Worthy.
(didn't want to say 100% BS)

On Sunday our family wanted to go skiing
after reading the SnoCountry snow reports.
We drove 2.5 hours, wasted $139 in gas and tolls, and
purchased 4 ski tickets for another $260.

Please be advised:
Hunter Mtn slopes were white washed and in terrible condition!
The base had less than a few inches of stuff on the trails.
photos here:

Man Made Snow by itself is "plain garbage"
You need a Natural Snow Base of at least 10" - 24"
to make skiing super fun and enjoyable.
The man made stuff is OK to cover a bare spot here and there.

Did You Know?
Man Made Snow is really frozen ice chunks (high pressured water).
The machine groom turns ice chunks in to BIG Frozen Golf Balls
Skiing on golf balls is extremely hard and painful on the body.
Each turn gives you instant Thigh Burn.
If you fall, expect nasty bruising & swollen black & blue marks!

I'm an expert skier and a former ski patrol veteran.
Skiing today, at best was both painful & grueling.
My thighs are still aching! And I ate 2 bananas with breakfast.

My Skies would stick often to the ice balls and
without warning you come to a jolting dead stop.
My skies were waxed and super sharp and I'm an expert skier.

think about this
Ever drive your car on an unpaved bumpy road?
Every car rattle is 200% louder, and your body
gets bounced around a lot.
Same thing skiing on man made snow
a-k-a frozen golf balls - it's a very hard on your body.

My wife is an expert rider and was practically in tears.
Shy said; this man made stuff was miserable hard and not fun.

My professional advice is;
Stay away from any ski resort until they
get a least 10" to 24" of Natural Snow, yes natural!
check with before heading out.

Thank you,
Dan Malloy

If Hunter Mtn can't make good snow,
neither can Ski Windham or Jiminy Peak.
view the 2 enclosed Hunter Photos (sun / mon) OMG!

Friends advise; Killington and Okemo conditions are pretty bad.
View Killington Photo.

My Advice:
No Real Snow - Don't Go....
Save the $400 for better day
Your body with thank you.

Offender: SnoCountry Snow Reports
Country: USA   State: All USA

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