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Global discovery vacations scam and haven't received any of our incentives - Global Discovery Vacations

I am so disgusted with this scamming "company". They have completely lied from day 1. We were promised many incentives if we came and went thro a 90 min presentation for our time. They took advantage of us and showed us ALL these places as they said we could visit. None of the places we have wanted to go for a family vacation has NEVER been available to us. All of the places look dirty and we find better deals through expedia and southwest. I CAN NOT believe they scammed us when all we wanna do is vacation as a family. Who gives anyone only 3 days to cancel BUT YOU HAVE TO MAIL TO MISSOURI OR SOMETHING WHICH COULD TAKE MORE THAN 3 days. Idiots. Right there I should have known. C average through a company that displayed they are very reliable and honest is a load of crap.I am going to get information on how to bring this company down. I am even thinking of going to my local tv news and having them run a consumer report on these people so know one else is dooped in giving this ridiculous "company" money. We had 4 people pushing my husband and I on buying this service... They never stated when you could cancel, A rating with the bbb LIE!, multiple places for vacation destination LIE, incentives for attending presentation.... AGAIN LIE! To me all of that is already breech on contract. If they can't hold up to their end why should hold up on mine and keeping giving them money! Fine Ill have a bad credit score.... I'd rather have a bad credit score due too canceling to a false advertised, unworthy business..... If anyone has information on how we can stop this company for hurting others and taking money out of our pockets please write back on bbb. Ive wrote on here before about urban active..... Soon after there was a huge lawsuit and people starting going public on TV about it and now are no longer a work out buisness.... And we're bought out!!! I am not done fighting this company and will do so until action is taken. They are unreliable, unworthy,dishonest salesman. They soon should get what's coming to them.

A very unhappy, dissatisfied and stupid consumer for believing global vacations!!!
Jenny Evans

Offender: Global Discovery Vacations (GDV)
Country: USA   State: All USA

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