Allegiant Airlines
Worst Customer Service Eve

I want to start by saying out of my 24 years of life I have never gone out of my way to write a negative review before, that is how upset with Allegiant I am.

I want to add my son to a flight, where he will be flying with my sister. First I spent 10 minutes trying to find the Customer "Service" number (which is not on their website, I found it on a third party Expedia clone) and I am told I have a 50 minute wait time. OK it's whatever at this point. I finally get to the representative, explain my situation and he hangs up on me! Did he do it on purpose? No way to ever know since he never said his name.
Now I call back the next day, at a much different time, still a 50 minute wait I'm told....why? Your a small airline I doubt your lines are that busy, unless you have that many complaints calling you. I wait it out, talk to the guy, he tells me since my son is a minor I have to go in person with my sister to get the ticket so she can show he ID, he cant do it over the phone. Whatever maybe in person would be faster anyways I think.
That brings me to today, we both take time off work, go in person, there are people waiting for a flight but I just went to the front. I explain my situation to the lady who tells me they don't do that I'll have to call their number.....
Wait what?!?
So I tell her I did call and they said come in person, she tells me he was wrong and I have to call back. I'm beyond mad at this point.
Call the number, 50 minute wait time ( The minimum I'm now realizing, maybe to make you so mad you don't even call) the last 2 minutes of my wait the music and voice changes, suddenly this guy answers telling me about some awesome promotion. I say cut the st I want to fix my ticket. He now informs me that I called the promotions hotline......WHAT? he can't transfer me, he has no manager I can talk to and tells me to call a different number, 702-505-8888 which incidentally is the EXACT number I just called. This kid hangs up on me once I say I just called the number you gave me.

So here I am, on hold again writing this review. I've never had a problem with their flights before, then again i've never called their customer service hotline.

Buyers beware, Cheap prirces = Cheap service.

Offender: Allegiant Airlines
Country: USA   State: All USA

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