Travelocity Phone Reservations

I went online to make an exact reservation as our friends. I called to ask if I can use a AAA discount and the man said "I can get you a better deal than you can online." I knew the exact times/flight numbers/airport codes and hotel information. Because he (SAM) had such a strong accent I spelled out everything. Told him I was flying out of CVG to Las Vegas and staying at Paris. He repeated "you are flying out of Paris CVG". I said no ... I am in Cincinnati flying out of CVG. We review all the travel details twice and then I get a confirmation email while I am still on the phone with him.

OMG! He has me in the wrong hotel. I am still on the phone with him and he transfer's me to another dept. They can't help me and I get transferred again. I think I am in India by now ... he (MAX) can't speak English well at all either. I asked to speak to a Manager who speaks clear English three times and he insists on helping me. After 90 minutes of being on the phone and having to raise my voice at him I get my money refunded. Oh ... and I won't get my money until 7-10 days. He sends me an email saying I was refunded $130 and charged a penalty fee of $449. He said "oh that will have to be a manual transaction" He wants to re-book my vacation for me.Why would I re-book a vacation if I am not sure if I got my money back or not. I had to insist 3 times to get an email stating that the exact dollar amount is being refunded to me.

After 90 minutes I had to take a conference call. Told him he could call me back. After the call I made my new reservation. He called me 10 min later to make my reservation. I said thank you for calling me back but I already went online and made my reservation. Would you like my confirmation number? He hung up on me!!!

While he was attempting to change my hotels he said it would cost me $500 to stay in the different hotel. The whole package with air for two people was $600. I told him I wasn't paying extra due to his operator's error. I asked how I was going to be compensated for all the time they sucked out of my professional day and the fact that I am not inconvenienced in being charged twice for a vacation that I will be refunded for in a week and a half and he said "we will schedule the correct hotel". That's what they should have done in the first place! Compensation is something in addition to what I was purchasing to make up for their error. A small discount or an upgrade would have been nice.

I will use again but I will NEVER EVER call for help.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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