No help from expedia

I had an horrible experience with Alitalia and Expedia.
I bought a plane ticket to July from Los Angeles to Turin via Rome Fiumicino . On departure day I showed up at check in counter at 11:50 am , for the planned flight departing at 15:50. After a queue of about 40 min, I handed my passport to the Italian lady behind the counter who did not find my name on the passenger list . I then handed the confirmation of the reservation from Expedia . At that I realized that the last name was not the same. They informed me that it would not be possible for me to leave that day .
Realizing I made %u200B%u200Bthe same error during reservation I pointed out that the passport was printed my maiden name on the reservation and my husband had put the married name . The young lady informed me that they could not do anything and that only the company that made %u200B%u200Bthe reservation could change the name. I indicated that I was the same person that I had the passport and documents to prove U.S. ( green card and driver's license ) , but it 'was useless.
I contacted Expedia at 12:48 and I was with them on the phone for 19 minutes explaining the emergency situation in which I found. During the conversation I was put on hold more 'times while the officer contacted an employee of Alitalia. I 'was then advised from Expedia to contact the staff at check in again to find a situation , more' times the employee of the travel agency urged me to submit documents of identity ' American or to speak with the TSA to have the ' travel authorization .
I tried again to talk to an elderly lady with a strong French accent behind the check-in counter that was a supervisor. Very rudely I 'was told that she was very busy with travel practices of other passengers and that could do absolutely nothing for me. She told me just to contact the travel agency, 'because only expedia could change the name on the reservation .
I call again at 13:15 Expedia and stay on the phone for 44 minutes trying to find a solution. same story they put me on hold many time while they contacted Alitalia. Time passed and of course I lost the flight.
I complained with the airline company and they said that the flight was not cancelled two hours before the departure so my itinerary is considered a NO-SHOW. The two ladies I talked to during my horrible 3 hours at the airport were nice but not even once during that stressful experience they informed me of my right to cancel and rebooking of the flight to a future date. The second lady from Expedia I was on the phone for about 44 min even informed me that I could buy another ticket for the day after for about 1800.00 dollars.
In your website rules there is a note that says: If your flight is non-refundable, you will not receive a refund, but the airline may issue you a flight credit for a future booking. If you want to rebook your flight instead of cancelling, the airline will charge you a rebooking fee, and you'll need to pay any difference in fare. To review the airline's rules and regulations associated with your ticket, go to your online itinerary.
I don't understand why I was not informed by your staff about this opportunity. I was on the phone with your employees two times for more then an hour and not even once they told me about my right to rebook the flight paying a fee of course.
ALITALIA Informed me that Expedia is responsible for the rebooking of my flight.
I admit was our mistake the confusion about the name on the reservation, but the consequences could be avoid by more information from your side. I lost the possibility to visit my mother and the lost of $1,224.50 is really a huge amount for my family. Now Expedia just told me that i cannot have Any refund or rebooking.

Offender: expedia.com
Country: USA   State: All USA

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