Stunned beyond words - Greyhound tickets

Oh how I wish I had come across this site before taking a greyhound bus!!! First trip in early July 2013, from Dayton, OH to Indianapolis, IN. Fell asleep during the trip, woke up to a few bite marks on my arm. Had no clue as to what it was and happily spend my weekend in IN. The bites started to itch real bad, along with itching on my head. Now I was on my way back to Ohio, bus was very late out of Indianapolis, no one cared to tell passengers. Once at home, I sat on my couch and saw 3 bugs crawling, what looked like off of me, on to my couch. Not knowing what they were, I killed them. Itching persisted and a rash followed on the bite sites. Of course, I took the same route again, going to see my Fiance in IN. This time the bites were worse and the itching so intense, I decided to see Dermatology as soon as I was back in OH. Fare to IN, the bus driver ate the whole time, had road rage (yelled out of his window at other drivers) and kept talking to himself. Fare from IN back to OH was 5 hrs!!! late, no announcement, no apologies. Finally, we were told, after nearly 6 hrs waiting, that the AC was out and the replacement bus's doors were malfunctioning. 3rd bus finally worked. Rash was now getting worse, Dermatology followed, ointment given for the intense rash and severe itching. Not knowing, stupid me took the Greyhound bus again, only this time, after being at my fiances house, he started to have the same rash as myself. Bus driver (different one) talking to me the whole darn bus ride, even when I acted as if I were asleep, he said :"Heyyyyy, wake up". Third bus ride, the seats were held together with see through tape and the bus the nastiest, filthiest I have ever seen in my entire life!!! Come home, see the same bugs again, looking as if they come off me. Now I am freaked out, have no clue as to what these bugs are, called my Landlord and Dermatology (again), more money spend at Docs...due to the severely of the rash and intense itching head to toe. Low and behold...those bugs were BEDBUGS and LICE...I am still so grossed out and couldn't eat for days!!!! Never in my life have I seen a bedbugs, nor lice, thus my ignorance when I saw those bugs :( Not only do I have exterminators at my house now (expensive), but also a huge doctor bill. I swear I would rather walk, hitch hike or take a bike, then to ever, ever, ever take a greyhound bus ever again. You can keep your bedbugs, along with your lice. DISGUSTING!!!!

Offender: Greyhound
Country: USA   State: All USA

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