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This is the second time I've an issue with Expedia and I am fed up.. Their customer service people need to be more educated on how to deal with what the customer wants. This trip I booked to Tahiti. i told them I wanted to stay from Tuesday to Monday. The first flight this idiot recommended was a redeye flight that would get me there the next day even though he booked my room for the day of departure. This is the second trip that someone has recommended a flight like this. These people are not very educated and this person could not understand what I meant. To recommend a flight at 11:25 PM on technically the day I should already be there is horrible. I explained to them that I wanted an in water bungalow and the guy continue to try to sell me Rooms that were on land. He kept on saying let me finish . The best part was them recommending a flight the island I was staying on . There was a five hour Layover . This was a horrible recommendation due to there are fairies running all day that takes 15 minutes to go what I needed . They could have cost me over 10 hours round-trip if I would've let these So-called experts booked my trip . I got so frustrated I and asked for a supervisor. Even the supervisor misquoted me and made me think I was getting a good deal . I'm very thorough and asked several times if this is round-trip and for two people and every time she said yes. At the end when I was ready to make a purchase I find out that it was twice as much due to the language barrier these people have. I suggest finding another company to go with. This whole experience took over an hour and a half to book .expedia train your employees. Dnt have then recommend resented on the same day the customer should be enjoying there stay. Here's an idea if the leave in a red eye the day b4 they would be happy. But for some reason that's above there intelligence.

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