Greyhound Bus
Most terrifying experience that I have ever had with a bus drive

We were waiting at the Niagara Falls station for the bus who was supposed to arrive at 10:35 PM on Sep. 22th, 2013 to take us to Toronto. After waiting more than 50 minutes, a greyhound bus arrived.
As soon as the driver got out of the bus, he started yelling angrily "I can%u2019t pick up all of you because I am coming from New York. Line up here and I just pick you up as a first come first served basis." After this, one of the passengers told him "we were waiting for a long time, if you can%u2019t pick us up what we can do? (He asked this in a very civilized manner, not angrily!). We were absolutely shocked when the driver disrespectfully replied "I don't care" and continued yelling" line up here"!!!!!
I guess this bus was not the original one and was sent by greyhound unwillingly to pick us up, but definitely he was not entitled to treat us like that and start yelling at passengers even before anyone ask for an explanation or excuse!
After we all got into the bus, we realized that he still had a lot of free seats!! We did not understand why he was yelling like that. All of us (around 20 passengers) were shocked and decided to record the bus number to complain later, which were 86005.
After we get out of the bus in Toronto terminal, my mom just told him "you are a very bad driver". Unbelievably, he replied "you look miserable"!!!!
We found him absolutely uncontrolled and report this to the greyhound employees. I admit that they apologized a lot, but I am sure this was not the first time that this bus driver did this to passengers, and won't be the last time either.
Most of the passengers decided to call customer service and complain about him, but I am not sure if the customer service is going to take any measures about this.
Has this uncivilized guy ever had a supervisor?
How could the company let such an untrained person treat passengers like that?

Offender: Greyhound Bus
Country: USA   State: All USA

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