Belligerent Greyhound conducto

hat a shitty start to my day... I'm gonna do anything to see my girlfriend today.. I'm not letting some stupid shit head conductor ruin it. Fuck Greyhound ... the printable ticket told me to come an hour before departure... that's before the damn station is even open. So I walk in early from the wrong side because one of the doors was unlocked... the conductor (guy in yellow who also secures the building I guess?) gets an attitude and gets pissed at me saying "did you not read the do not enter signs?" And I'm like "no I'm sorry" Then he snaps back at me "were not open" and I'm like "I'm sorry I didn't know..." He angrily tells me to walk to the front entrance... and he starts following close behind me like I'm being hostile, when I'm not... then my mouth slipped and I called him a "dickhead". He says "yeah" and I'm like "exactly" then I push the door open and see the passengers waiting for the station to open.... I tell them what happened and they were all on my side... unfortunately, the conductor comes again to the front entrance a few minutes later, and tells everyone but me can board, and again with the attitude, singles me out and does not let me on. "Everyone else can get on" with a smile on his face. He looks at me "except you" he had this like 'your in big trouble' tone with me. So I said "You know what? Fuck you!" I was so angry... I couldn't hold it in.. he then tells me to step over the property line. I didn't. He said "I'm calling the police" and I"m like "okay go ahead, I don't give a fuck". So the police arrives. Two vehicles. Two officers step out. I walk up to them without a problem, because I know I had calmed down a bit and wasn't acting hostile. The conductor claims that I am hostile, but I told him "no I'm not." I was not causing any issues. The conductor simply took my insult as if I was somehow being "dangerous" or something. One of the officers tells the conductor to walk away for a minute. I explain to him what happened. He tells me "well he has the right and authority to kick you out. Calling him names doesn't really work well does it?" I'm like "yeah I know that was dumb, but the conductor was absolutely nasty to me." I purchased the ticket last night online... non refundable (never doing that EVER again. I'm very disappointed with Greyhound for everything at this point). Anyways, the officer explains that I've put him in an odd position because he can't do much about it, but being nice, asks me what I want to be done about it. I told him "Could you please try to convince him to let me on, and if I can't, I'd like a refund." The officer says okay, and walks to the conductor to talk to him. The officer comes back a minute later and tells me there's no way of getting on the bus today, and I'm not allowed back on the property for today. He told me that I have to call "some" 1800 number to get a refund (not very specific). So I said "okay thank you." I simply do not understand why this guy didn't give me a chance to even apologize to him... he must have been in a really bad mood... but to treat his passengers like that is another thing... this guy was belligerent to me and very snappy and rude. He deserved that fucking name call. But now I can't get a damn refund of my 15 dollars. I need to do something about this, because this isn't right.... :

Offender: Greyhound
Country: USA   State: All USA

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