Diamon Resorts International

I have had Diamond Resorts time share going on five years now. I have keept up payments and maintenance fees. I have a maintenance fee that continues to go up as well as an interest rate of 17% which is ridiculous and is not reducing my loan.

The economy is not what it use to be and more and more people are foreclosing on their homes yet, Diamond does not give damn and will not renegotiate interest rates, loans or even buy back their timeshare. I emailed Diamond Resorts asking if they would buy back my timeshare, reduce my interest rate, refinance...just like you would do with any other creditor, mortgage company or lender and they seem to just respond with some fake, condescending reply from some customer service rep who is probably reading a script or sending out the same message to everyone explaining that there is nothing they can do and this is just the way it is and sorry we don't do buybacks or renegotiations.

Do they not realize that it takes more money for them to take someone to court or hound them for back pay or send someone into collections than it does to negotiate especially during times like these? How about they make a positive impact and be the leading company by making these kinds of offers to those who need it!?

I am really getting tired of them as well as many other consumers...when I tried to put my concerns on their forum for timeshare owners, they screened it and told me that it would not be posted. They only allow you to post positive information which is not the true feelings of most of their consumers...they have customer representations scanning websites like these so they can respond as if they care, only to blow you off and not give you real solutions. Since we cannot voice our true feelings on their website, we can voice them on ones like these!

I think that it may be time to start a Petition and maybe take some legal action if necessary towards DRI, RCI, II, and any other Time Share Companies that are not willing to renegotiate contracts, interest rates, or buy backs. Since they are treating our timeshares like mortgages, they should re evaluate contracts and help their consumers by offering refinancing, extensions, lowering interest rates, buy backs because if they do not, more people will go into foreclosure on a time share then they will on their own home which in turn they will lose business. The more people voice their complaints about the Timeshare Industry, the more it will push them to start doing the right thing!

Diamond Resort Customer Support!! Please do not respond to my complaint unless you have a solution that does not pertain to what you Can or Cannot Do or your services!!! We have heard them all before and they are not helping!!!

Offender: Diamon Resorts International
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando
Phone: 8773742582
Site: www.diamondresorts.com

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