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Compensation of income loss due to flight cancellation

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From: Lok Tio
Date: 23. Februar 2011 18:33:34 MEZ
Subject: Re: Feedback on Singapore Airlines ( Ref No : 101105536/CR/SN )

Dear Mr.Oh,

Thank you for your reply. There are issues need to be clarified..
1. Would you be so kind to send me a copy of your reply dated on Dec. 28, 2001, which I have never received. I will request the carrier of my email for further clarification upon the receipt.
2. I appreciate your concern about passenger safety, which you have colorful express. However, the bottom line is your decision to cancel the flight without any announcement until the time of departure. Moreover, any damages related to your cancelation should have been your responsibility and not to push to insurance companies. I have an impression that you are playing a snow ball game. I do expect such world renown company like yours should have been more straight forward and honor to any passenger.
3. I have checked with United airlines. I got my miles rewarded by Lufthansa from the flight on January 23, 2011 within one week. UA says that any mile awarded by star alliance will be posted within 1-2 weeks upon receipt. I would appreciate for a document from SQ that miles earned from my previous flight has been awarded, which I will send to UA for further clarification. As I have mentioned previously similar flight from Germany to Jakarta in Summer 2008 has not been rewarded by SQ despite multiple requests.
Unfortunately I need to express my deep displeasure with the treatment I have gathered during the past years with SQ. I have been trying hardly not to say that last last SQ-flight will be the last one. My colleagues and friends in Germany and in the United States have been very interested to hear from your response.
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Dr Tio ****

16 February 2011


Dear Dr Tio

SQ967 / 7 November 2010 / Jakarta Singapore
SQ26 / 7 November 2010 / Singapore - Frankfurt

Thank you for your letter. We have highlighted your concerns in our earlier email sent to you on 28 December 2010. It appeared you did not receive our response.

I am sorry to learn about the inconvenience caused to you as a result of the flight disruption. I note your comment that you had suffered a loss of income as a result of this. Our investigations showed that the original flight cancellation for SQ963 was due to the volcanic ash from Mount Merapi. We seek your understanding that this was unavoidable because of factors beyond our control, and in this case, the volcanic ash might pose danger for flight safety. The resulting disruption on this occasion was absolutely necessary, as under no circumstances and at no time, will we compromise on the safety of our passengers. Notwithstanding the above, we certainly agree that during a flight disruption, passengers would be inconvenienced and I am sorry if we have let you down on this occasion.

With regards to your request for compensation for the loss of income, we seek your understanding that we do not compensate passengers for flight delays and disruptions. This is in accordance to our Conditions of Carriage, which you
can access at the following link:


However, some passengers purchase travel insurance covering them against losses or inconvenience arising from flight delays and disruptions. If you have such an insurance cover, I would be happy to assist in your insurance claim by furnishing an official letter for your travel insurer.

I understand that you are concerned that the mileage has not been credited to your United Airlines account. As you are a UA member, the matter falls under the purview of UA, I seek your understanding that we do not have access to the records of our partner airlines and are unable to advise if the appropriate miles have been credited for a recent flight or assist with the retroactive mileage claim. May I suggest that you approach them for clarification on mileage issues. They will be better able to assist and advise you on the matter.

As a gesture of goodwill, I would like to present you an Inflight Gift Voucher of S$100. This voucher is valid for one year, and can be used to purchase inflight sales items on board our flights or through mail order from SIA KrisShop ( I would appreciate it if you can confirm with me the mailing address so that I can arrange for the voucher to be sent to you as soon as I hear from you.

Dr Tio, thank you for taking the time to provide us your feedback. We look forward to welcoming you onboard our flights again soon.

Yours sincerely,

Samuel Oh
Customer Affairs Manager
Visit us at

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Singapore Airlines Limited, Co Regn No:197200078R



Dr Tio ****

6 April 2011


Dear Dr Tio

I refer to my letter of 30 March 2011, and thank you for bearing with us while we reviewed your case.

As mentioned earlier, the decision to cancel flight SQ963 on 6 November 2010 was due to safety concerns stemming from the volcanic ash situation in Jakarta.
While we sincerely regret the inconvenience this flight cancellation had resulted for you, we ask for your understanding that the safety of our passengers is our top priority, and at no time will we compromise on this aspect.

Airlines are generally not liable to compensate passengers for any inconvenience or consequential loss arising from such eventualities, particularly if they are caused by events beyond our control, eg. bad weather or natural disasters.

In view of the above, I am sorry we are unable to compensate you for your income loss due to the flight cancellation. However, we hope you can reconsider and accept our goodwill offer of the S$200 inflight gift voucher.

With regard to the mileage accrual into your United Airlines account, I have checked and noticed that the Singapore Airlines flights, which you travelled in late October and November of last year, were booked on the promotional fare classes V and N. For bookings made on these fare classes, there are no miles to be accrued. I have included a link below which may provide you with further details.


Thank you for the opportunity to explain, Dr Tio.

Yours sincerely

Lindy Lin
Customer Affairs Manager
Visit us at
Dear Ms Lin,
Thank you for your response. However, I'm just as disappointed as before after reviewing your response.
1. The passenger has always to carry the burden whatever things may go out control. If the passenger misses the flight, a penalty is placed due to "not show up" on time. When your airline consider to change the flight, what or ever reason the carrier is not responsible for any loss created by the changes made.
In comparison to other carrier such as United airlines, American airlines, Delta and others SQ is willing to show a good gesture by offering an inflight coupon whereas others is more generous by offering a coupon, which can be used for purchasing a flight ticket or even transferable to friends and families. My nephew had purchased a ticket from Los Angeles to Dubai, which was overloaded with passengers even though he had a valid ticket on that day. Emirate airlines rescheduled his flight for the next day by giving him a hotel voucher and an extra return ticket in worth of almost $2000.00 for his future flight to Dubai. A world renown company like yours should be able to compete internationally to maintain your reputation. My colleagues in the hospitals both in Germany and the United States have been following my case with great enthusiasm in order to see the outcome.
2. Secondly no other carriers in both continents-Continental Europe and the North America- have no such restrictions as yours for redeem flight milages. Any ticket will be credited with miles. This is my second experience with your carrier that my flight from Europe- Frankfurt and cologne- to Jakarta did not get credited. I do understand the policy oof your company. However, it sounds like that your policy with this regard is not fit for international competition.
I hope you do understand my displeasure with my last experience with SQ and you may take my constructive critics to advance your carrier to be international competitive. Thank you.
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Offender: Singapore airlines
Country: USA   State: All USA

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