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Calling Card Practices

AIRTEL IS A DEFINITE FRAUD. BUYER BEWARE!! Here is the background and I am giving a compare and contrast between another card and Airtel so you can appreciate the differences. As a consumer who has lost money with Airtel, I am totally frustrated and the customer service is totally helpless!

* I have used both reliance and airtel in the past. Reliance is very organized. You can view your call details etc anytime you want.

* Now coming to airtel, it is is like "use it or lose it" (well.. that is how most of their product offerings are). So, if you are signed up for that type of calling card... that is your choice. But you should be able view online what you used up and what you have not.

* I called the customer service today since my account was blocked and they tell me I they will unblock it but I will have ZERO balance. And neither can I view the past history or any of those details. NOW WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BUYING A CALLING CARD OFF THE STREET AND BUYING IT WITH A COMPANY LIKE AIRTEL, WHICH BOASTS ITSELF AS A REPUTABLE COMPANY and provides information online to track your usage !!!

* According to my notes, I had put in about $100 USD and I had used up about $22. $78 is a hell of lot of money to lose and I DID NOT PURCHASE THE USE IT OR LOSE IT SCHEMES. Granted I had not used it for about 3 - 4 months now, that does not mean they usurp my money!!

I called customer care to give me the details and they would not! I asked them if I can view it online once they unblock my account and they said I cannot!! These are not best business practices... as one might agree.

Buyer beware!


Offender: Airtel Calling Card
Country: USA   State: New Jersey

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