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After 20 years as a loyal customer and impeccable payment history (spending $300/month) with AT&T cellular, we were told they had to do a credit check on us to add another line and charge us $36/line renewed with new iPhone. This doesn't endear me to be loyal anymore even if cost-wise they're on par with Verizon. On top of that, we got conned into trying for a 2nd time their stupid uVerse. First time, 19 months ago, they took 38.4 hours to install and we were more up than down. After we moved, our new neighbors say how great they thought AT&T was over competing TimeWarner. Hah!! Their idiot installed goes and drills a hole in our basement window and house, cuts the power cord on our HDTV in our master bedroom, and then to top it off, he tells us (after 2-days going on 3 - still no phone, tv or web) that they have to trench our property to lay the wiring in. Talk about a complete lack of due dligence -- they had 3 weeks to check for the trenching with WE Energies before estroying our house and property! How do we fight back?!!

Offender: AT&T uVerse Wireless
Country: USA   State: Wisconsin   City: Milwaukee

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