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Cricket Communications client scam

I have been a cricket communications client for over two years. months ago all three cell phone lines started having issues with the text messaging as well as the data. After 8 months of calls, tickets, emails, taking the phones to stores the texting was resolved. For the last month I have attempted to no avail to resolve the data portion and was told by the technician who finally fixed the texting it was probably an equipment issue.

I spoke with National Sales Operations Manager at Cricket Regional Customer Operations Manager at Cricket Communications on Friday 12/9/11 and with the usual condescending attitude of the San Diego office and similar accusatory voice I had received previously he stated our phones were in actuality NOT having any issues. I ended the conversation with him offering to meet him to show him the error messages two of the phones continue to receive and in hopes we could resolve this problem once and for all. He called me back and set up an appointment the next morning.

I met at one of the stores and provided him a detail list of site we attempted to go on both phones the day before, times and error messages. As we stood there, I also showed him on the spot the problems we were encountering just hear him say “it seems you expect a 3g service when you have a 1g”, I explained that no, we simply wanted a service that did not have multiple daily messages when attempting to log on yahoo, hotmail ect. and he proceeded to amongst other things to inform my husband and I that and I quote:”you are receiving the service that you pay for and for the kind of phone that you have, this kind of issues are expected, you will not be able to get on many sites’

According to him even his wife had the same model phone [msgm8] with similar issues and all though there are pre-set settings one should not expect to actually access it. In his normal accusatory tone he scolded me for “my behavior by contacting his higher ups” after he stipulated your company would not do any further attempts to resolve this situation and he had received the Okay from all his superiors to cancel our service and send us a letter of termination.

Today 12 days before Christmas my daughter, husband and I awake to find that this kind of bulling strong arm tactics and intimidation are not rare with cricket communications a subsidiary of Leap, as easily planted on every sight you go on when you goggle the company information. My phones all have been disconnected, this morning i made a $135 payment just to find out that the month they credited has been reversed and now I am being charged more than that and a full cancellation notice appears on the screen when you speak with customer service .

I have been sending emails to the corporate offices as well as executive team to no avail. 2 of the phones that still have issues were provided by the company when we continued to have issues with the texting and data in July 2011 and I purchased my android for $99.99 that same month which removed the data problem only. Up until November 2011 the texting had not been working properly on ANY of the three lines.

Sadly as with many clients who have worked hard for their phone service we are being bullied because yet again this corporation seems to believe that they can do as they please without any accountability virtually saying that you and your family do not deserve a reliable service with customer care. Help me and others say “NO MORE” to such practices and telling BIG corporations to remember that we are the reason they are so big, customer service is a right not a privilege!

Offender: Cricket Communications
Country: USA   State: All USA

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