Customer service billing problems

My wife and I were with T Mobile for 2 years and we where looking to make a move back to Verizon because the cell service was better. We had been to a local store to get a phone fixed and the girl at the counter said she could save us some money by changing our plan to less minutes. We agreed, but she never told us our contract would change. Then I was at the store to get a new phone and was told to wait since our contract was ending in September.

September came around and we changed service and payed I final bill with T – Mobile. Well, we received a bill this month for $631.50. They say that our contract was extended do to our change in minutes and we where charged for early termination and a final month of billing. I am pissed and t- mobile can go f- off for all I care. They refuse to listen, even though we haven’t missed a payment in 2 years . What do I do?

I tried to upgrade my contract with target mobile. I was very clear I liked my plan and did not want to change it. I had a unlimited data plan for 2 phones 10$ a month each. They send the phones and before they get here I recheck my plam on the t mobile site and they have me getting charged 30$ for data on EACH phone. I cancel the next day. They now say I only have 200mb on each. They lose a phone and will not change the phones back and say there is no unlimited plan. I say well it is on my bill, black and white and I have had it for several months. They both sound like they are in India, target mobile and t mobile. worst customer service I have ever had.

I am T-mobile coustomer for a long time. since I start with t-mobile used to good but my last bill payment make me very upset becaue very month i paid around 75 dollars according to my usage but my last payment is 115 I don’t know how come to reach my bill like this .I call coustomer service and talk Patric and explaned him everything and he told me that i am use data and interational call and text. first of all i never use interate on my phone because i have lap top and use all the time and also every month i pay 14.99 for unlimtted text for domostic and interational and i didn’t made interational call like cost me on posted on my bill . i don’t know how all this thing come to my bill.

I really upset about this thing and my contarct will be over after one month at january and will contact other wirless company which have good service and even fair price.I would like to say please give good and afir service for the coustomer that is the way to keep your customer.

Offender: T-Mobile
Country: USA   State: All USA

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