Net10 Cell Phone
Tech Support in Guatemala?

I moved from one area code to another. I needed to change my area code so that I'm not using units at twice the rate. Net10 sent me a new SIM card. I've called their tech support several times to get the area code changed over and I still, 9 months later, have my old area code on my phone. I can't understand anyone on the phone who answers my call. This last time, I asked the man who answered where he was. He said 'Wataymala.' Shouldn't techs in Guatemala be providing tech support for Guatemalans with cell phones? 1) You're sending our money out of the country rather than keeping it in the country and putting it into the pockets of our workers? 2) It's not like talking to a person in America who has an accent and has reasonable grasp of the language. I can deal with that. These American companies or international companies with electronics products in America are outsourcing tech support to countries that put someone on the phone with an accent so thick, the customer can't understand the tech and the tech can't understand the customer. When a customer calls tech support, it's because something isn't working. They're already aggravated and agitated, right? Wouldn't this make them even more aggravated and agitated? When are these companies going to figure out that Americans HATE this crap.

Offender: Net10 Cell Phone
Country: USA   State: All USA

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