On 10/09/2015, 11:00 am, I was called by Ms. Robinson at the Social Security office and informed that she received a complaint from me or someone regarding a complaint against a doctor at St. Dominic hospital and that I said the doctor was a fraud and someone else had gone to the hospital pretending to be me and that I had contacted Medicare about the doctor and submitted the complaint to her office also. I told her that I am a victim of fraud and that I never submitted a complaint to her office or any office regarding the doctor being a fraud. I explained that I did go to the St. Dominic hospital and have bills to prove that I did. I told her the doctor is legitimate but he illegally incarcerated and held for two-weeks, forced shots on me, and would not release me or tell me why I was being held past the 72-hour hold that the doctor admitted me for. I told her that St. Dominics violated my civil rights and illegally incarcerated me and that I never signed any paperwork for St. Dominics or paid any bills because I was held without my consent and against my will. I also told her that someone did go to two of my doctors in June pretending to be me and that I had my Legal Shield attorney write both doctors, Nurse Practicitioner Chrissie Hull, and Dr. Glenn and inform them that the visits are fraud and that I did not visit them during this time and had not visited either doctor in months. I also told her that my June Social Security check has still not been received. I also gave her my new cellphone number and verified that my address is as it has always been in her system as this person also changed my address. She verified that she has my updated cellphone number and has removed the address that was fraudulantly added to my account without my consent. She said that her office does not handle these complaints but that she had to investigate what I said and was closing the case. She could not take my updated banking information because I had to close my bank account recently due to fraud. AT&T has constantly harassed and threatened me. They threaten me and demand that I submit money or either buy services from them that I do not want and do not need. They need to legitimize their fraud that they are doing in my name. I have found that they steal my debit card information from online shopping sites, and even the Legal Shield account that I had and charge me bogus charges through these companies. This is why I had to close another banking account recently.

Offender: AT&T CORP
Country: USA   State: All USA   County: Madison   City: Ridgeland

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