On Friday, October 2, 2015, I went to my bank and closed my accounts due to fraud. I was followed by AT&T trucks that followed the United States Post Office vehicle, I specifically noted a Caucasian male driver. Five minutes later when I arrived in my neighborhood, an AT&T truck pulled over in front of me and parked so I could see him. This was an African American male driver. When I left home Sunday, October 4, 2015, going t to Clinton, MS as I always do, AT&T trucks were there. I left Clinton, MS and went to Jackson, MS about 15 minutes away going to Kroger grocery store off highway 55 and an AT&T truck was there also. When I left Kroger, the AT&T trucked followed, there was a Caucasian male driver. These trucks are very apparent, this is why I have noticed them. When I arrived in Ridgeland, MS, and attempted to go shopping, a driver tried to run me off the road, and two vehicles blocked my car from passing while I tried to drive to the mall. This was a black SUV and a black car that said "GOV, Department of Rehabilitation." The Department of Rehabilitation vehicle and the black car held up cellphones and obstructed my passing. I blew my horn continuously and the "Department of Rehabilitation" vehicle would not let me pass specifically, it was this driver that kept putting up a cellphone for me to see. These are threats that I had better send money to AT&T and keep my services with T-Mobile because I am attempting to change cellphone services due to threats and fraud. AT&T is involved with a network of Cellphone companies that are doing "number portability, cramming, equipment, slamming, identity theft, and switching your cellphone wifi provider to other wifi providers without your knowledge or permission. This makes it appear that you are a customer of a cellphone or cellphone companies that you are not a customer of. These companies are using your personal information and stealing your money. Specifically, Sprint is the parent company of Boost Mobile, TMobile is the parent company of MetroPCS, and AT&T is the parent company of Cricket. I have had cellphone services with Cricket, Boost Mobile, and currently with MetroPCS. None of these companies would port my cellphone number. It appears that the refusal to port my cellphone number started when I changed my cellphone service from Cricket services. These cellphone companies would switch my cellphone wifi services from Comcast (my internet provider) to AT&T. They would also increase my monthly payments at random. They would refuse to send me my text messages, or allow me to download photos, and other things to harass me. They would also send me threatening text and email messages. They would do this to try and force me to do cellphone business with AT&T which they made apparent that they have a network with. AT&T was given my Boost Mobile cellphone number and called my cellphone constantly harassing and threatening me into getting their cellphone service, or DirectTV specifically. They also attempted to force me to get their internet service, or other services that they could use to link my identity to them legally.

Offender: AT&T CORP
Country: USA   State: All USA

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