Terrible Customer Service Mistakes

I have been with T Mobile for a about a year now. However almost every single month I am on the phone with to fix one mistake or the other regarding my bill. I paid my bill every single month. One day my phone was disconnected and when I called them up they said that I owed a balance of $15.00 which I did not know about. they indicated that they text me, they called me and I did not respond. I have 5 lines and when I got my bill the following month they had charged me $105.00 reconnection fee. My bill was close to $400.00.

I called them and ask about why my bill was high then they told me that it it the recconetion fee and they is nothing they can do about it and there is no one in there company wh can wave that regardless of the all the mistakes they have made on my bill for several months.

I have decided to go over all my bills from T mobile to look for all the mistakes they made and I am going to write a letter to the CEO or someone of the equivalent. I also will let them know how they legaly rob people for a payment of 115.00 right or not right they will legaly rob you another $105.00. That is T mobile they make mistakes, don’t aknowedge tem and then they legaly rob you.

I am sure it is somewhere in their small legaly rob writting, because no one told me that.

News to me but again they are the ig time corporate. I am looking for another cell phone company or may be I should start my own where I can treat people with dignity.

Offender: T-Mobile
Country: USA   State: All USA

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