Offered 16 week trial period. Then charged me 1,049.30 when I tried to cancel my membership turned me into collections harrased me at work fraudulent ripoff business Nationwide

This company offered a 16 week trial period. Stating as long as you came in three times a week you could cancel your membership after that period elapsed.

If you did not follow the three times a week workout guidelines they refused to let you out of the contract. Knowing these stipulations I went faithfully even 5x a week. Then at the end of my trial period they refused to let me out of the contract.

The cont. to pull money out of my bank account I had to put a stop payment costing me another 20.00 on my bank account. I wrote a letter to the company, I called the manager several times to straighten out this dispute. I only got more run arounds.

Telling me I had to contact the co. in Colorado.(the Main Office) After, no avail they cont. to harrase me stating I owed them over 1,000.00 for membership fees. They then turned me over to a collection agency even after I disputed the fees and faxed my contract and check statements proving I had upheld my end of the agreement, There attorney harassed me at work several times and turned it in on my credit report.

This has been going on now since 12/01. I disputed the information on my credit report now but, I am still waiting for a response on that. This co. also let a elderly women who could hardly walk sign into the same contract Knowing there was no way she could physically with stand any 3 times a week work out.

She paid them over 1,200.00 because they threatened her. She was only in the building one time long enough to get mislead and ripped off. She lives on a very fixed income, she lives in a low income housing apartment building. I don't know how this company sleeps at night.

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Fort Ranch
Address: 227 S. Baldwin Ave. Marion, In 46952
Phone: 7656627000

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