Knowingly providing a venue for illegal fraud activities

I was ripped off by a vendor on, who took payment for a firearm, gave me the runaround for 3 weeks, then stated outright that the "item was out of stock". When I demanded a refund, the vendor,, kept a 20% "restocking fee". This amounted to over $200 he kept to "restock" a paid-for-in-full item he was unable to ship to me because it was "out of stock".

I faxed and emailed invoices of the credit card charges showing initial charge, and refund minus the 20%, and all emails from, some of which were extremely derogatory and inflammatory towards the end when I was insisting on a refund in full. These emails illustrate very explicitly what was happening...since Dan Hebert was so childish and unproffesional in his email exchanges, there was no shortage of information.

The support issue was open for two months, the last update from was two weeks ago, with absolutely no feedback or progress report, despite multiple update inquiries. At this point, the only way for me to get a refund in full including the restocking fee, is if tells the offending vendor that if they don't refund the full payment then would cancel the offending vendors account.

This would most likely bring about a very quick response, as the vendor has a considerable amount of business through However, has shown no interest in using their authority to protect the consumer, and instead has acted to cancel my account, and has deleted the negative review I left the offending vendor. This is completely unethical bordering on illegal. This means that is knowingly providing a safe venue for criminal activity, and protecting vendors, even unethical ones, at the expense of the consumer.

Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: Kennesaw
Address: PO Box 2511

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