Lied about my $400 backorder to try to screw me $960 for the same order!

Cabellas took my order for $400 worth of ammo that was on backorder at the time with expected delivery 2-3 weeks later. After waiting nearly 1 month I called to inquire on the status; at which time I was told the expected wait was extended another 3 weeks.

I then recieve an email 2 days later indicating "Unfortunately, we are unable to get authorization on the credit card that was used on your order. Please contact our Customer Relations Department...". I immediately called my credit card company to check for a fraud issue. My credit card company indicated there was no fraudelent activity on my account. They further indicated that I had ample credit line availabilty and that there had been no declined responses.

I then called Cabelas with this information. They indicated that they tried to charge my card and could not. I then confirmed the card information and informed them I had already been in contact with c.c. company and there were no issues and no attempts by Cabelas. I asked to use another card and was told my order was in a hold status and would have to be completed the next day when c.c. processing was open. I asked again to use another card and was told my order could not be completed. I asked for a manager.

The manager simply reiterated everything already said and indicated she could not help. I pressed for my order to be completed at which time she admitted they were sold out again. She said they would not be getting anymore in like I had ordered it, ie. a promo package currently selling at nearly $1000 that I locked in at $400. I indicated that I believed that fraud was being perpetrated against me and I wanted my order completed immediately. She gave me the to corporate and ended the call.

As a side note, I can buy the exact ammo I had a confirmation for, but at the nearly $1000 instead of my order of $400.

Offender: Cabelas
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 115 Cabela Drive, Sidney, Nebraska 69162

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