Pioneer Valley Knife and Tool
Josh Burbank General Manager Knifezilla and PVK Pioneer Valley's Josh Burbank "Buisnessman" and rip off artist!

Initially a received a German stag horn Knife from Pioneer Valley Knives and Tool, unpackaging it I found the knife wrapped in plain bubble wrap the blade did not deploy properly or seat properly and appeared that it had been used.

With some tools, adjustment and oil I was able to remedy the issues.. somewhat.

In a few months the knife broke and I ordered parts for a repair and 2 additional for future repair if this happened again.

A few months after I repaired my knife it again broke in a different spot I could not repair, I emailed Mr Burbank and eventually after the second email he replied; "I could sent it to the maker it's $40 and takes a few months but it will be new

I sent of my knife, waited...and.......waited,.. last response from Mr Burbank after 6 and a half months; he stated that " it was a little more complicate repair than first thought but will we update tomorrow.

This was the last I heard of him or my $200 knife ( the one I also had an additional $40 worth of parts waiting for at home!

In my last in a list of unanswered email to Mr Josh Burbank I stated that, if he chooses to not respond to my concerns I will be contacting the appropriate parties to inform them of his actions.

Hopefully this action will inform others wanting to do business with Mr Burbank of his underhandedness
poor business practices and character.

I'm confident Karma, usually, if not always, comes calling on specimens like Josh!

Offender: Pioneer Valley Knife and Tool
Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: PO Box 2238 Dept. KZ, Amherst, MA 01004-2238
Phone: 8888785643

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