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ASF International Dishonest practices, lack of information, fraud and un-ethical business

Almost three months into the program my husband injured himself badly. He could not walk nor do any exercise without pain shooting down his back. He thought he just pulled a muscle. He wound up being in bed for 6 weeks and barely walking. When I called the gym to let them know he would not be coming in due to the synoptic nerve injury they said, No problem let them know when he will be back. He couldnt go back. But I also noticed that we were still being charged. So I called again. Noone answered so I left a message.

In fact, I left three messages in total and none called me back. So I got online. Found the website and email customer services. Mentioned the situation and complaint about paying the months that we had not attended. No response. I called the number sometime in April or May.. Told the lady the situation. She said that they could refund the money, only part of it, with a letter from the doctors office. (Which I tried to get a couple of times but after no return calls, I got too busy and could not continue to follow through).

I also had told her that I did not think that we could continue the contract and asked if we could cancel. She said there was a cancellation fee. I didnt have the money so I figure I could let it ran its course. I had already sent an email through the contact us link stating I wanted to cancel my policy and would not be renewing. I didnt know that I had to give them another written form, since I had already email them and asked them to cancel the policy. (Which I copied to the main customer service email and sent to our local World Gym.)

Eventually I got through the to our local gym and complaint about the automatic withdrawals even when we were told that this would not happen. The young man on the other line did finally tell me that no, that wasnt the case and he didnt know why Mike would say otherwise but he would let him know I called. Mike never called me back. EVER. So after trying to straightening things out for three months, my husband just told me to let it complete the contract time. Contract expired in OCT. Now in March WE ARE GETTING BILLS. We werent aware that we were paying still until we got a bill for $182! We called and the girl said the contract was an auto renewal!

WHAT!! I had called left messages and emailed both the local and the 800 number only to continue to paying another 2 years!! She said that it was in my contract. That I had to give them at least thirty day noticed. I GAVE THEM ONE YEAR NOTICED!! She said I needed proof. It has been over a year; surely they are not going to have the messages nor my email on their system. What is going on. I bet they deleted and ignore me just tom make me pay.

I told her this was fraud. Neither did I asked them to continue my contract nor did I give them permission to continue to automatically withdraw from my account. She said it was in the Contract! So me cancelling one year ahead of time does not count??? She said that I had to prove it. Dont they records this things? Oh, and by the way, my husband got injured because of their lack of overseeing what he was doing.

Offender: World Gym
Country: USA   State: Indiana   City: Highland
Address: 8313 Indianapolis Blvd
Phone: 8773573694

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