Xpress Guns
Dan Hebert stole $1117.55 from me.

I purchased and paid for an item totaling $1,117.55 from Xpress Guns on the 14th of February, 2012. This item is a special edition item, and was purchased for the intent of an investment as a future collectors item. As such, the item retains full value only in complete, unopened-from-factory condition. However, I learned that the item would be opened by the seller,
Xpress Guns, and factory-included accessories would be taken out and not included with the item. This would negate the value the item would have as a complete factory-unopened, special edition item, and would thereby be incomplete and
would not retain full value for future investment purposes. I notified Xpress Guns via email that I would not want to purchase this item if it was not complete. I was offered another accessory instead, but the items box would have been opened still and the accessory not original to the item. I said I was still unsatisfied, and was informed that I would have to pay a 20% restocking fee to cancel. This would have been $200, which I thought was ridiculous as I had asked to cancel the order before it had been out of Xpress Guns inventory, and would not need to be restocked. At this point I was quiet disappointed in what I view as unfriendly, unsatisfactory customer service and resolved to either end or complete this transaction promptly. I told Xpress guns that I was unsatisfied, and that I had a negative opinion of their services and policies, and to either send me a tracking number for my item indicating it had been shipped complete and unopened, or to send me a refund in full. I received a very rude email from Dan at Express Guns in response; Whatever, a@@hole I
sent another email stating that I would be contacting VISA regarding Xpress Guns billing policies. At this point
Xpress Guns sent me a final email stating that; Sir, I believe that you are an unstable person and it is my duty to normal people of the world to make sure you never get a gun. So NO GUN FOR YOU!

I took this to mean Xpress Guns had cancelled my order, and a refund was on its way, but again, when I asked via email, Xpress Guns said they need those number again to process my refund. I take this to mean they need my VISA numbers again, to give me my refund. At this point I am quiet angry as it is apparent they are trying to charge me a restocking fee for an item that never left their inventory, for a transaction Xpress Guns had ultimately decided to cancel. I sent one final email stating that I refuse to pay for a restocking fee on a transaction that Xpress Guns had ultimately decided to cancel, and that I was expecting a refund in full. The next day when I checked, the transaction on my bank statement had gone from
Pending to purchase pending, to purchase posted and completed. There was no indication of a refund being issued, and I have received no notification from Xpress Guns as to whether an item was shipped, or a refund was issued. At this
point in time I have started the process with Visa to have my payment refunded, which they seem to be unable to do without giving Xpressguns my credit card information. I absolutely refuse to give my credit card information to a person
who has already shown they are absolutely untrustworthy with that information. Visa is still trying to recover my funds. I offered to accept a check for the full amount, and would consider the matter closed as soon as the check cashed.
However, Dan Hebert of Xpress guns has emailed me back with several very derogatory and unprofessional messages
stating that he would not be sending the gun and would not be sending a refund, either by check, or by Visa.

Offender: Xpress Guns
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Rochester
Address: 9 Old stone lane
Phone: 5857479066
Site: Xpressguns.com

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