Classic bait & switch

I sent in a crappy laptop the first time and from $165 quoted, they offered $120 because of "scratches on the front and screen". i thought fine, it had scratches, i just want to get rid of the thing.

a month ago i sent in a mint condition samsung omnia smartphone - barely used - always in silicon case and with a screen protector. cleaned to shine. sent it in original box with all accessories. quoted price $65. email device received, we'll contact you. one month later i called and asked why no one has spoken to me. in two days email - new offer $20. excuse me?!?! called the hotline, left a message simply order number so and so, telephone number so and so, call me back. they called me back. first person wasn't "authorized" to do anything so i told her i wanted the device returned. she said she's not authorized to do that either and she'll have a manager call me. 2 minutes later the manager (i give her credit, she was very nice) i spoke to said inspector report says "scratches on back and screen". REALLY? i am starting to think there are no inspectors at that place because it all sounds oddly familiar. i told her politely that that's not true and why. i said all i wanted was a fair price for the device and i was not getting that so i wanted my device back and i'm done doing business with them. i told her i'd rather donate it to someone that can use it then give it to them for $20 and what they do is all kinds of illegal. all of a sudden she was authorized to offer me the full quoted price just to make me happy.

if they are trying to scam you, call them and be polite but firm. maybe take some pictures of the device condition before you send it.

bait & switch but i give them credit for one thing - they do answer their phones and call you back. it's much more than any of the other scams out there do.

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