UHAUL - The Car Laundry
Charged the wrong credit card and refused to cancel

From North Carolina, I reserved a UHaul rental truck with the Car Laundry with a specific credit card several weeks before the moving day of 9/1/07. One day before my partner was to pickup that truck, I called to change the credit card information for billing purposes. Since this was a one way rental from Vermont to North Carolina I was careful to obtain and recheck my information.

I spoke to a kind staff member who wrote down the correct information and assured me the billing credit card would be charged. The Car Laundry owner, Maxx, was working the day my partner went to pick up the truck and erroneously pulled paperwork he had already printed with the wrong (old) credit card information. My partner and he discussed that the information was wrong but Maxx insisted that he sign the contract to rent the truck. My partner said that he had the correct credit card to bill and he showed Maxx the correct info on a paper he had in his hand.

Maxx refused to acknowledge this. Despite frustration, my partner was under extreme pressure to just get the truck. With two days of packing to do by himself, and an 1100 miles journey to complete before the five day expiration of our truck rental contract, he clearly did not want to argue with the owner.

I learned about the credit card biling error on Sunday, one day into the journey and have had no recourse ever since UHAUL has refused to change the billing card credit information. Since that time the charge overdrew my account, caused automatic bill pays to bounce, overdraft fees, and caused my account to go into a state it has never seen for several weeks. I spoke to Maxx and asked for his support to change this situation. He got upset when I expressed my frustration and anger about this and then hung up on me! No doubt I raised my voice, but believe whole heartedly that I'm justified in doing so. Maxx, Owner at the Car Laundry, which has been in business for years, had no reason to treat a customer in this manner. He was completely unprofessional, among other things. He refused to admit the error and UHAUL refused to do anything to rectify this while the rental truck was enroute and also refused upon check in of the truck, to undue the transaction and bill it to the correct card. UHAUL researched this and still would not make the change.

Since this early September transaction I have had to try to undue the mess that Maxx and UHAUL did. In an effort to effectively deal with this to problem solve, I contacted UHAUL locally and nationally on several occassions and they refused and much like Maxx were rude and annoyed at me! I spoke to the staff member from the Car Laundry that took the correct credit card information and he assured me that he did his job, he wrote down the information and even posted it on the computer used for UHAUL rentals and verbally told Maxx and others about the billing card change. This was a fabulous effort to communicate this change. It's too bad that Maxx didn't listen.

The change I made to a bill a different credit card is a common change that many people use these days. We reserve on one card and pay on another. The simpliest solution could have happened if Maxx had negated the charge and billed the correct credit card, but instead this has caused stressed - both emotional and financial - for my partner, myself and our little girl. Because of this we didn't have that $900 cash to live on these past few weeks while we were looking for work and it has had a rippling effect including effecting the food we eat, our rent and other important essentials. In 28 years of being an adult, I have never had the financial stress that I have had these past few weeks. I will never do business with UHAUL again even if they supposedly save money from other do it yourself moving companies. I plan to pursue other paths with the Better Business Bureau against UHAUL and the Car Laundry.

Black Mountain, North Carolina

Offender: UHAUL - The Car Laundry
Country: USA   State: New Hampshire   City: Woodsville
Address: 4942 Dartmouth College Hwy
Phone: 6037474035

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