Buffalo Wild Wings
Bad service

On February 11, 2009 myself and my family dined at Buffalo Wild Wings in Colonial Heights, VA. Upon trying one of the wings I ordered, I didn't like the taste and kindly asked to exchange them for another flavor. Mind you I only had six wings. When told by my waitress, Deanna, "no, because the business is trying to save money", I asked to speak with a manager. So the manager named Wayne came to the table and very abruptly said "we don't take food back just because the customer doesn't like it. We're in the business of making money. Do you know how much we would lose if we took back everything our customers didn't like?" I replied in saying "well isn't the main goal of the restaurant business customer service?" Wayne replied saying "again we're in the business of making money." completely disregarding the issue of customer service. Then he stated "generally what we do is when a customer doesn't like their chicken, we put it in grease at 350 degrees until the sauce runs off, then dip the same wings in a new sauce for you." I asked "isn't that unsanitary? and "so you're telling me a customer can bite off of a piece of chicken, take it out of their mouth, ask for a new sauce, and you dip it in re-used grease, then in sauce thats supposed to be for new food, and bring it back out?" He immediately said "yes, claiming the temperature of the grease kills germs while taking off the unwanted sauce." This means the grease and sauce they are using contains bacteria and germs from other customers mouths from unwanted food. This is unacceptable as well as unsanitary. When asked how long this was going on, he said "well I wasn't supposed to tell you that much, but that's how we always do our chicken." Also added was to send them back and get a new sauce they charge you for a whole new set of chicken although you are really getting back the same chicken you already had. Something needs to be done about this practice and the unsanitary conditions of the food served.

Offender: Buffalo Wild Wings
Country: USA   State: All USA

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